Tcell represents the real Santa – he is purple!


Tcell Company opens the veil of secrecy: only now the truth about the real Santa Claus has been revealed – he is purple! Only he gives truly desired gifts.

All over the world, on New Year's Eve, Santa Claus comes to all kind and happy people. This is a traditional Santa Claus, in a red suit, with a luxurious white beard, or a Russian Father Frost in blue attire and with his granddaughter Snow Maiden. In neighboring Uzbekistan, Santa Claus wears a striped robe and a red cap. In Kyrgyzstan, Santa Claus dresses in white patterned chapan, and in Georgia, Santa Claus prefers white or black color dresses.

For this New Year, Tcell reveals the secret: the real Santa is purple! Only he gives truly desired gifts - unlimited communication during the whole of 2019!

Purple Santa Claus will come to visit the residents of Dushanbe, Khujand, Bokhtar (Kurgan-Tube), Kulyab, Tursunzade and Khorog and will bring really useful gifts for everyone! Santa Claus will appear in the busy places of cities, stroll through the streets and parks, visit people in shopping centers and bazaars.

When meeting with purple Santa, you will need to tell him a specific password, which will be announced on all Tcell pages on social networks and on Love Radio. After the correct password, Santa Claus will present a gift to everyone - “Year Unlimited 2019” from Tcell!

Tcell's “Year Unlimited 2019” is unlimited communication within the network and megabytes of the Internet throughout 2019.

Do not miss the chance to activate the service "Year Unlimited 2019" or present it to loved ones! Follow the ads on Tcell's Facebook, Instagram, VK, OK, Viber and Telegram pages, listen to Love Radio, remember your password, find Purple Santa in your city, tell him the password and get a valuable gift - unlimited communication from Tcell!


Tcell is the largest telecommunications company in Tajikistan, the only shareholder of which is the Aga Khan Foundation for Economic Development (AKFED). AKFED is an international development agency dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of economically sustainable enterprises. AKFED is one of the agencies of the AKDN system - a network of private development agencies that are aimed at improving the opportunities and living conditions of the peoples of the developing world. AKDN agencies work for the public good of all citizens, regardless of their nation, gender or religion. AKDN aims to contribute to the development of economically active, politically sustainable, intellectually diverse and culturally tolerant Tajikistan.


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