Tijorat 3

Free limit of the tariff plan
Subscription fee 10,19 TJS
Quantity of free minutes within RT
100 minutes
Amount of free Internet traffic 50 Mb
Quantity of free SMS messages within RT
100 SMS
Price of 1 minute call*
Outgoing calls within Tcell network
0,051 TJS
Outgoing calls within corporate group (CUG)
Outgoing calls to other mobile providers and landlines within Republic of Tajikistan and to tariff «Next»
0,234 TJS
Outgoing international
According to the charging
by intl. directions  
Outgoing SMS within republic
0,122 TJS
Outgoing international SMS
0,45 TJS
GPRS (upload and download)
1Mb (rounding up to 10Kb) 0,581 TJS
* Biling per second.
** Except for the numbers of content providers.

Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.


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