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In order to get sufficient support in service centers you need to bring a passport of the citizen of Republic of Tajikistan (identification card) for locals and international passport with valid registration card for foreigners.

Offices in RRP (Districts of Republican Subordination)

Address and opening hours
Vahdat, 1/2, Borbad street


  • 4G USB Modem
  • 4G WiFi Router
  • 3G USB Modem
  • Sale of phones: ZTE, HUAWEI 
Rasht, 64, I. Somoni street
Gissar, 60 solagii Hissor street
Tajikabad, Somoni street
Tursunzade, 6, Somoni street
Tursunzade, on the territory of the Aluminum factory
Jirgatol, Somoni street (former central store)
Fayzabad, 36/1, I. Somoni street
vil. Somonien, Somonien street
Rogun, 53, Stroiteley street

Offices in Khatlon

Address and opening hours
Vaksh, 1, Lenin street


  • 4G USB Modem
  • 4G WiFi Router
  • 3G USB Modem
  • Sale of phones: ZTE, HUAWEI 
Jilikul, 6, Lenin street
Dusti, 12, Pervomayskaya street
Kabodien, 1, Mir street
S. Isoev, K. Marks street
Kurgan-Tyube, 21, Mirzoqodirov street
Kurgan-Tyube, 63, Vahdat street
49B, I. Somoni sreet
27, I. Somoni sreet
3, Kurbonov sreet
40, Somonien street
Borbad street (market "Somoni")
5, Somoni street (TC "Gayrat")
Lenin street
1, Komsomolskaya street
25, Lenin street
Moskva, 7, S. Kurbonov street
Vose, Komsomol street
Yavan, Bazarnaya street

Offices in GBAR (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region)

Address and opening hours
I. Somoni sreet


  • 4G USB Modem
  • 4G WiFi Router
  • 3G USB Modem
  • Sale of phones: ZTE, HUAWEI 
Vanj, jamoat Rovand
Shohmansur street
14, Lenin street
Sh. Shotemur street
Lenin street
36, Lenin street
Suchan, vil. Pitob, Dastak street
vil. Andarbag
jamoat Parshnev, vil. Midenshor
Medon street


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