“Chi Gap” from Tcell: new application – new communication!


“Chi Gap” application from Tcell for 5 years gives users the opportunity to stay in touch with those who are important and valuable in Tajikistan and beyond. One of the most beloved communication applications in Tajikistan – “Chi Gap” - is now fully updated and has new convenient and useful features!

Tcell introduces new “Chi Gap” to users! One of the main features of the new application is the high quality of voice calls to local and mobile phones in Tajikistan.

The application has become more convenient to use and the updated design and interface make it even brighter! Mobile transfers, temporary payment, top-up service, live chat with customer service and many other things are integrated into the application. “Chi Gap” users can receive special offers and breaking news right inside of the application.

The previous version of the application soon will be deactivated and stopped. Hurry up to download and install the new “Chi Gap” from Tcell via the Play Market ( or the App Store (

More information:

“Chi Gap” was launched by Tcell in April 2015, and became the first Tajik national mobile application for a smartphone, which allows always stay online and make mobile and local calls in Tajikistan at affordable prices. During this time,  "Chi Gap", has gained great popularity among people who want to always stay in touch with loved ones from anywhere in the world.

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