Online money transfers from Russia to Tajikistan from Tcell and Alif!


Money transfer from Russia to Tajikistan has never been so easy and profitable! All you need is to visit the official Tcell website:

Full online performance is the main advantage of the service. This means that you can transfer money to Tajikistan from any location and at all times! All you need is to go to the Tcell official website, indicate the details of the Russian bankcard (Visa / MasterCard / MIR) and Korti Milli card in Tajikistan, to which money must be transferred. This takes no more than a few minutes, and the transfer of money is carried out instantly and without commission!

Currently, when the threat of COVID-19 is high, online money transfer service greatly simplifies the procedure: there is no need to leave home and visit banking centers, fill out long questionnaires and wait when money will be transferred to your account.


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