Tcell and Tayron held Digital Marketing Day for Tajik marketing professionals


The Digital Marketing Day organized by Tcell and the Tayron advertising agency was held in the capital of Tajikistan. The coaches of the educational forum were experts in the field of digital marketing and advertising from Russia – Roman Pivovarov and Denis Batalin.

One of the key areas of Tcell’s work is the development of the digital environment of Tajikistan and the introduction of diverse local Tajik content into the global network. The digital sphere all over the world is developing every second, bringing even more convenience to the life of every digital user. Developing the Tajik digital environment, Tcell seeks to meet its objective: to implement innovative communication technologies in its country, which will introduce Tajikistan to the global platform of successful innovative solutions that drive progress.

Becoming a co-organizer of Digital Marketing Day, Tcell opened the opportunity for forum participants to undergo intensive training from leading Russian experts in the field of digital marketing and advertising.

The importance of the Digital Marketing Day forum are the priorities in the promotion of any business that drastically changed. Today, many potential customers of any business are looking for all the information exclusively online. If they do not find any information there, do not receive answers to their questions, do not see the details of the company’s activities, then they will prefer competitors who provide this all.

Digital Marketing Day gathered more than 300 participants, ranging from large business owners, managers and marketing specialists of companies, to ambitious and active young people who are keen to learn new technologies, tools and solutions for online advertising.

Roman Pivovarov and Denis Batalin, coaches of Digital Marketing Day are the leading speakers of ADCONSULT from Moscow. In the intensive training, they helped participants to master the logic and strategy of building their business on the Internet, to study online tools and digital technologies in order to apply them in Tajikistan.

Tcell provided the forum participants and speakers with a reliable connection that allowed them to conduct trainings online. The big part of the programs of both speakers consisted of practical work on the Internet, where participants learned to use the latest digital tools to promote their business using specific examples.

As an innovative company, Tcell in its work introduces innovative and advanced technologies, and also regularly conducts and supports activities aimed at improving and developing digital technologies.

Tcell is the largest telecommunications company in Tajikistan, the only shareholder of which is the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED). AKFED is an international development agency dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of economically sustainable enterprises. AKFED is one of the agencies of the AKDN system - a network of private development agencies that are aimed at improving the opportunities and living conditions of the peoples of the developing world. AKDN agencies work for the public good of all citizens, regardless of their nation, gender or religion. AKDN aims to contribute to the development of economically active, politically sustainable, intellectually diverse and culturally tolerant Tajikistan.







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