Top-up Tcell balance from Russia through “Sberbank Online”!


Tcell became the first telecommunications company in Tajikistan to sign a cooperation agreement with Sberbank of Russia. The first partner project is the top-up service for Tcell numbers from the territory of the Russian Federation with the help of the “Sberbank Online” application, service offices, as well as the ATM / terminals of Sberbank of the Russian Federation.

As of today, it is possible to top-up Tcell balance from the territory of the Russian Federation!

Taking care of our citizens, in Tajikistan and beyond, Tcell and Sberbank provide this service with 0% commission!

In order to make the payment you should install “Sberbank Online” application.

1) run an application 
2) go to tab “Payments”
3) select option “”Mobile service”
4) select “Tcell service”
5) indicate phone number and payment amount
6) select button “Continue”
7) confirm the payment

Within a few seconds, the payment will be credited to your Tcell number without any commission! Tcell strives to implement innovative communication technologies in order to bring Tajikistan to the Global Platform of successful innovative solutions that drive the progress. Tcell provides its own electronic financial services in Tajikistan, and cooperation with the largest and most stable bank in Russia will provide more opportunities.

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