Dear subscribers!

Inform you that from 01.06.2021, the cost of some services will be change


Flagship office

The leading innovative operator of the country, Tcell, in honor of its 20th anniversary and 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, has opened a flagship office that has no analogues in the country!

Take advantage of the great offer!

Hurry up to be connected within the period from May 27 to June 27, 2021! TezNet from Tcell operates through GPON technology with a guaranteed high quality, which means your home Internet access will be stable and high-speed!

Taking care of the environment, Tcell will plant over 500 trees in the capital!

For the leading innovative operator of the country - Tcell, concern for the environment and responsible approach to the environment are among the values of its daily work. Last weekend, Tcell employees, together with Ozodkhon Davlatshoev, General Director of the company, planted seedlings in two parks in the capital city.

Share megabytes with families and friends - according to the "New Rules" from Tcell!

The leading innovative operator of the country - Tcell continues to present "New Rules"! Now, according to the "new rules", the company's subscribers can share megabytes of mobile Internet with their families and friends! The “New Rules” is a project of the company, that opens up new opportunities to take care about your families and friends and share the joy of communication with them.

Tcell gives gifts in honor of its 20th anniversary!

In 2020, the leading innovative operator of the country – Tcell, celebrates its anniversary: for 20 years already, Tcell has been presenting modern technologies to Tajikistan, speeding up the development of telecommunication sphere of the country.


Unlimited calls within the Tcell network - in a new option "Bemahdud"!

The "Bemahdud" option provides unlimited calls within the Tcell network for only 10 somoni per month. The option is available at "Allo" and "Salomati" tariffs. The option is activated after the end of the main package at the tariff, i.e. when the “Bemahdud “service is active, on-net calls become unlimited.

Unlimited social networks - as a gift!

Are you an active user of social networks? Join the family of the country's leading innovative operator, Tcell, and get a product in demand - the “Unlimited Social Networks” option as a gift!


Join the Big Tcell Family!

Now is the perfect moment, try not to miss it! Everyone who first connects to Tcell network, Tcell gives a bronze or silver number! Join the big Tcell family!


“Chi Gap” from Tcell: new application – new communication!

“Chi Gap” application from Tcell for 5 years gives users the opportunity to stay in touch with those who are important and valuable in Tajikistan and beyond. One of the most beloved communication applications in Tajikistan – “Chi Gap” - is now fully updated and has new convenient and useful features!


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