Taking care of the environment, Tcell will plant over 500 trees in the capital!

For the leading innovative operator of the country - Tcell, concern for the environment and responsible approach to the environment are among the values of its daily work. Last weekend, Tcell employees, together with Ozodkhon Davlatshoev, General Director of the company, planted seedlings in two parks in the capital city.

Tcell has planted white-trunk birch and juniper seedlings in the capital's “Navruzgoh” and “Khayom” parks. By this spring, Tcell employees will plant more than 500 ornamental trees and shrubs.

Tcell considers environmental protection activities as an integral part of its daily work. Tcell decided to draw attention to the issue of environmental protection by launching a line of "Eco" tariffs and packages last April.

By participating in the Eco program, each subscriber of the company can contribute to improving the environmental situation in Tajikistan. Participation in the Tcell "Eco" program is voluntary, and contributions to the fund are made from the subscription fee for the tariff or Internet package. The collected fund is distributed to environmental projects in the capital and regions of Tajikistan.

Last year, the "Eco" fund was sent to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Tajikistan. Thus, each subscriber, by choosing "Eco" tariffs or Internet packages, contributed to helping the medical sector: the purchase of personal protective equipment for doctors and necessary medicines for hospitals.

This year, Tcell supported the initiative of the Mayor of Dushanbe to green the capital city, and allocated some funds from the "Eco" fund to purchase new seedlings, that now decorate the capital's parks.






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