«Short number» Service

Are you tired dialing long numbers?
Do you want to simplify dialing?
We got solution!
New way of dialing numbers!

Tcell is happy to announce the launch of «Short number» service, also known as «CVPN» for its corporate clients. The service gives corporate clients ability to easily and quickly dial their colleagues by using short numbers.
CVPN group – a group of subscribers who communicate with each other using short numbers assigned to each CVPN user.

«Short number» service has several advantages:
  • Regardless where your employee is located, you can easily and quickly call him using short number!
  • Create/delete subscribers' numbers;
  • Divide subscribers in groups;
  • Use unique numbering within group, utilizing short numbers;
  • Assign rights to groups for various calls, i.e. calls within group, within Tcell network and etc;
  • Use self-service CVPN portal;
  • Receive SMS-notification when someone is added or deleted from the group.

Monthly fee for «Short number» service is 1 TJS, including taxes.

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For more information about the service and tariff, please contact your account manager or call 8080; for non-Tcell customers, call 927111111.


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