4G Routers

4G WiFi router ZTE MF253

Cost of set – 699 TJS

Tcell offers 4G WiFi router for connection of several devices to Internet. For example, if you have a smartphone, tablet and laptop that need a high-speed internet connection. It is possible to connect up to 32 devices simultaneously.

Purchasing «4G WiFi router» set, you get:
  • 4G WiFi router ZTE MF253 supporting connection speed of up to 150 mpbs
  • SIM-card with activated «Unlimited 4G 2016» tariff
  • 30000Mb as a bonus for 2 months of unlimited high-speed Internet, 15000Mb per month*

* Upon completion of traffic, the connection speed is limited to 256 Kbit/sec. 

Upon request of subscriber, it is possible to change 4G Package with deposit of sufficient amount to the account.
  • Terms of 4G tariff packages:
    • Package validity period is 30 days.
    • Supervision of the remainder of Internet traffic is available via the web-page, USSD-command star.gif4.gif5.gif4.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif and also by sending an empty SMS to the number 454.
    • Tariff package is renewed at every 30 days by default.
    • Unused balance is annulled and is not accumulated.
    • In case the amount on the account is not sufficient to cover subscription fee, the validity of tariff is suspended.
    • Internet access package and video portal package are spent independent of each other.
    • Change of tariff package is possible after deposit of amount on the account that is sufficient to cover subscription fee of desired option.
    • It is recommended to set the network type of your device at «4G only» in the settings menu.
    • At the end of the expiration of bonus period (2 months), tariff option reactivates automatically, if at the time of removal of monthly fee the balance is sufficient; the unspent balance of the package is canceled. If you do not pay new month fee tariff option goes into a lock mode (standby), until the moment the balance refilled on a sufficient amount.


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