"Gift wheel" in My Tcell app!

Earn points and exchange them for cool gifts!

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«Gift wheel» – is a game program, participation in which is absolutely free. The program is built on a system of accumulating and applying points and provides several levels:

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  • Important to know!

    • One spin equals 50 points. Number of allowed spins in 1 week depending on the level of the participant. Spin validity period – one calendar week. Unused spins are not accumulated.
    • It is possible to purchase additional points: 1 – 4 somoni, 3 – 10 somoni и 5 – 17 somoni. The validity of the purchased scrolls is 30 days from the date of purchase and is not limited in number. When scrolling the wheel from purchased spins, points are not spent.
    • When a subscriber re-registered in the Program, free spinning and gift points are not granted again.
    • Validity period of the points is 12 months and upon expiration of the validity period the accumulated points are cancelled. When a subscriber unsubscribes from the program, points are not accumulated.
    • Points are accumulated during the day and are credited the next day.
    • Validity period of the packages of SMS, minutes and Mb is 30 days from the package winning date.
    • Discount on the subscription fee on the tariff is provided during 30 days from the winning date.
    • When changing the tariff plan, the discount on the subscription fee is canceled. If the discount was won again, the discount period is extended for another 30 days. Subscription fee discounts are not available for the following tariff lines: «Unlimited 4G», «Internet 4G», «Imtiyoz».

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