Fraud schemes!

  • SMS request;
  • Money for charity;
  • False prize;
  • Transfer of SIM-card to third parties;
  • Call from the operator;
  • Incoming international call;
  • Expensive call.

You receive an SMS request:
«Hi. Call me, please, on number 00ХХХХХХХХХХХ»
Having called back to the specified number in the SMS text, a decent amount will be deducted from your account, thinking that the message about the help was really sent by one of your close people or relatives.

If you doubt what your close friend writes. Do not call back to unknown numbers, as the account of the attacker will be replenished at your expense. If you still became a victim of intruders, please tell us the number from which you called, and the details of the call on the number 7070.

Money for charity:
You receive an SMS with the number; you are invited to call or send a message to make a charitable contribution.
Very often scammers use widely covered media tragedies and send out messages calling to raise money to help those in need.


  • «Send SMS to a short number and help the orphanage № …»
  • «Send the payment card code to the number ... and help the victims …»
  • «Call the number … help …»

Such «campaigns» are very often the invention of scammers, and you simply help them to make money.

Actual requisites for charitable donations can be obtained on the sites of trusted funds and in well-known blogs. Clarify the information on charity events in Call Center Tcell - 7070.

False prize:
You receive an SMS about the campaign allegedly conducted by our company. «Indigo Tajikistan last chance, you win $50000, if you do not call now for free on this number 0037127918039» or «Congratulations, Indigo Tajikistan gives you the last chance to win 50000 Euro unless you call 0037127918039 now»

Do not call or send SMS to specified numbers. Call back to Tcell Call Center - 7070. If you still become a victim of intruders, please tell us the number from which you sent the SMS and details on the number 7070.

Transfer of SIM-card to third parties:
Under some pretext, strangers ask you to purchase and issue a SIM card for your passport data, later the attackers will use these SIM cards for international calls or for sending paid SMS to short numbers.

Do not give your phone to strangers, as they can transfer money from your account to their account. Do not forget that the SIM card holder is responsible for his number, including the action or inaction performed using his SIM-card.
After blocking the number due to the debt, the attackers throw out the SIM card, and the owner of the number, whose passport data is indicated in the contract, is held accountable for unpaid communication services.

If you are offered to register SIM-card under your name by fraudulent officials of Tcell, never agree, and do not give out already issued SIM-card to strangers.

Call from operator:
An unknown person is calling you, who is represented by an employee of Tcell’s technical team. He says that there is a reconfiguration of the network. To do this, you need to immediately dial on the phone some combination of numbers and signs. Keep in mind: if you follow the instructions of the fraudster, then after a set of combinations of numbers from your account, money will be written off.

Do not follow any instructions from unknown persons. Remember! Any network settings are carried out without the participation of subscribers.

Incoming international call:
You receive an incoming international call from relatives and friends, but at the same time the number of your local operator was displayed on the screen of your phone, for example 93XXXXXXX

Inform us at 7070 about details of incoming call to your number.

Expensive call:
Someone calls you from an unknown number, but as soon as you pick up the phone, the call suddenly breaks. You call back to an unknown number and get on the auto-informer, whose task is to keep you on the line as long as possible while your money is wasted from your account.

The cost of a call to a similar number can reach dozens of TJS per minute, and even a few seconds of waiting on the line can cost you a lot of money.

The best prevention practice of this type of fraud is your vigilance. Do not call back to unknown numbers. If you are still a victim of cybercriminals, tell us the number from which you were called and the details of the call.


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