Catch Luck 2023

The people's favorite Tcell promotion is back! And we are launching “Catch Luck” again!

The promotion will last from October 1, 2023 to January 1, 2024 (inclusive), and the final drawing will be held on January 4, 2023, through random number generation and will be broadcast live on TV.

To participate in the campaign subscribers should call 707 short number or dial *707# command. After that, the subscriber will be assigned a unique ID-number, which will later take part in the prize drawing. For subscribers from Sughd region ID-number looks as follows: "N1234567", for subscribers from other regions and Dushanbe - "S1234567".

The bonus will be 500 MB of free Internet traffic, which the subscriber will get for the first purchased ID, further for each purchased ID-code the subscriber will get 30 MB.


· The number of ID numbers for each subscriber is unlimited, the cost of one ID is 3 somoni. The command for ID verification is *707*07#.

· There is also an opportunity to purchase several IDs at a time, for this purpose you should dial the command *707*number of ID# and give ID-code: *707*subscriber number*number of ID#.

Intermediate drawings


Hurry up to take part in the promotion, catch your luck and win an unforgettable gift for the New Year 2024!

  • The terms and conditions of the promotion are

    1. The number of prizes is divided equally between Sughd region and other regions (Khatlon region, GBAO, Dushanbe and DRD).
    2. Prizes cannot be exchanged for an equivalent amount of money or substituted for others.
    3. One subscriber can become a winner more than once, except for the main prize - a car.
    4. Employees of the company as well as dealers are not eligible to participate in this campaign.
    5. In order to avoid conflicts in determining the winners of prizes, during the campaign participants should not reissue SIM-cards to other users, otherwise the company reserves the right to cancel the winnings.
    6. When the prize is given out, the subscriber (winner) must be present with an identity document (passport).
    7. In case the subscriber (winner) does not answer the calls and does not get in touch after becoming the winner of the prize, the company is waiting for the winner within two months (60 days) from the date of the final of the campaign. In case the subscriber does not come up for the prize after 60 days, the prize is canceled.
    8. The winner will be notified through a call from the company through the official number 7070 or 8080.
    9. When calling from the official company number 7070 or 8080 the subscriber will be informed where and at what time to come for the prize, no additional fees and charges are required from the subscriber's side.
    10. The winner (subscriber - owner of the SIM card) who directly took part in the promotion undertakes to appear in person with the presentation of documents confirming the identity of the winner of the promotion to receive the prize. If for some reason the winner is unable to appear to receive the prize (traveling abroad, illness, being on a business trip, etc.), then in this case, the prize can be issued to an authorized person on the basis of a notarized power of attorney, which must be provided with the above documents.
    11. Informative IVR - 257.