The «Eco» Packages

Choosing “Eco” packages, you are contributing to the improvement of the environmental situation in Tajikistan!

Eco XS

Monthly fee: 26 TJS

  • Traffic: 750 MB
  • Сontributions to the ECO fund: 2 TJS

USSD command for activation: *870*750#


Eco S

Monthly fee: 39 TJS

  • Traffic: 1500 MB
  • Сontributions to the ECO fund: 2 TJS

USSD command for activation: *870*1500#


Eco M

Monthly fee: 114 TJS

  • Traffic: 6000 MB
  • Сontributions to the ECO fund: 3 TJS

USSD command for activation: *870*6000#

Package name Monthly fee Traffic Сontributions to the ECO fund Activation
Eco XS 26 TJS
750 MB 2 TJS
*870 *750#
Eco S 39 TJS 1500 MB 2 TJS *870*1500#
Eco M 114 TJS 6000 MB 3 TJS *870*6000#
  • Outgoing within the network (except for the “Next” TP line) - 0.10 TJS,
  • Outgoing calls to other operators and landlines within the Republic of Tatarstan and to the “Next” TP line - 0.20 TJS,
  • Outgoing SMS within the republic - 0.10 TJS,
  • Outgoing international SMS and MMS to all directions - 0.50 TJS,
  • 1MB (rounding 100 Kb) - 0.10 TJS.
  • Important to know!

    1. The subscriber can re-connect «Eco» packages several times within 30 days.
    2. When re-connecting «Eco» packages to an option with an equal or greater number of megabytes, the remainder of the current traffic is added to the new volume.
    3. In case of Point 2, the validity period of the combined megabyte package will be calculated based on the last «Eco» pack connected.
    4. When you re-connect the «Eco» package from a larger to a smaller volume of traffic, megabytes are not added together and the remaining unspent megabytes from old «Eco»-pack automatically expires.
    5. To sum up the traffic, the Subscriber must dial the command to connect a new «Eco» package without disabling the current «Eco» package.
    6.To sum up the traffic, you can not type the command to disable the current «Eco» package, otherwise the remaining traffic will be canceled.
    7.If the combined traffic is not used for 30 days, the traffic will expire.