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Tariff plan «Ajoib 2016»

Rates per 1 minute of local call*
Outgoing calls within Tcell network (except tariff plans of lines «Next»)
0,10 TJS
Outgoing calls to other mobile providers and landlines within RT and to tariff plans of lines «Next» 0,26 TJS
Outgoing international
According to the charging
by intl. directions
SMS** and MMS-messages
Outgoing SMS within Republic of Tajikistan
0,05 TJS
Outgoing international SMS 
0,50 TJS
All outgoing MMS
0,19 TJS
GPRS (upload and download)
1Mb (rounding up to 100Kb)
0,25 TJS
* Per-minute billing. Each incomplete interval of 60 seconds of connection will be rounded up to 60 seconds.
** Except for the numbers of content providers.

  • When the countdown reaches zero or minus the balance of the subscriber's account all services are blocked, except for incoming voice calls and incoming SMS. To unlock the services you need to top up the balance of the positive state.

Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.


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