Archive tariffs

Tariff plan «Fason (daily)»

Free limit of the tariff plan
Daily fee
0,75 TJS
Package of minutes for calls to Tcell (except tariff plans of lines «Next»)
120 min/day
Daily free Internet package
5 MB/day
Price of 1 minute call*
Calls within Tcell network
0,10 TJS
Calls to other mobile numbers including landline and tariff plans of lines «Next»
0,20 TJS
SMS and ММS-messages**
Outgoing SMS within Republic of Tajikistan
0,05 TJS
Outgoing international SMS
0,50 TJS 
All outgoing MMS
0,50 TJS 
GPRS (upload and download)
1MB (rounding up to 50Kb)  0,20 TJS 
Command to switch to tariff
Command to check remaining package
* Billing per minute. Each 60 second of incomplete calls are rounded to 60 seconds. 
** Excluding calls to Content Providers’ numbers.

All prices inclusive of VAT and excise taxes.
  • Important to know!
              1. Unused Internet traffic is accumulated and will be rolled over to next day. 
              2. In case of insufficient funds on the balance, services will be blocked and accumulated megabytes will be suspended for 3 days. If subscriber does not top up balance within 3 days, accumulated megabytes will be annulled. 
              3. Unused megabytes are accumulated during 30 days. After 30 days, accumulated traffic of the first day will be annulled (i.e. it is possible to accumulate during 30 days, on the 31st day accumulated megabytes of the first day will be annulled). 
              4. “Intikhobi Man”, “Diyori Man 2016”, Daily Internet 1-2-3, Yearly Unlimited 2016, Internet Sprinter 2015 services and option “Send for 1 cent” are not accessible in tariff plans «Fason (daily)», with the exception of G-2016 packages, G+ option, Unlimited Smartphone 2016 and Unlimited Smartphone Lite 2016.
              5. Unused traffic of minutes does not roll over to the next day. 
              6. Long distance calls are charged according to the country direction specified in all existing tariffs. 
              7. Price of 1 minute calls with Pay4Me (call from friend’s funds) – 0,10 TJS (including taxes). Current discounts and minute packages are not included while calling via Pay4Me (calls for friend’s means). Calls are charged from the balance.
              8. Switching from new tariffs to “Salom 2016”, “Ajoib 2016”, “Ajoib mintaqavi” (regional), "Avvalin* 2016", “Double Unlimited” are inaccessible.


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