Easy roaming

Easy roaming

Dear Subscribers, we are happy to inform you about initiation of Easy Roaming Service. 
The advantages of the Easy Roaming Service are as follows: 
unintentional registration of the telephone in the networks of roaming partners within border areas of Tajikistan is not possible (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan), while roaming is accessible in other countries of the world

Activation of Easy Roaming Service is free of charge and can be done using USSD Request of star.gif6.gif0.gif7.gifstar.gif1.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif with positive balance of more than 5.00 TJS. The service can be deactivated using USSD Request of  star.gif6.gif0.gif7.gifstar.gif2.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif

Rates are identical to the rates of “Realniy Roaming (Real Roaming)” Service

In order to make use of roaming service in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, it is required to deactivate the Easy Roaming Service and activate the “Realniy Roaming (Real Roaming)” Service using USSD Request of star.gif6.gif0.gif1.gifstar.gif1.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif


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