Real roaming

Activation and Service Terms

What is “Real Roaming” Service?
The “Real Roaming” Service is provided to the Tcell subscribers using the following tariff plans: Salom 2016, Avvalin* 2016, Bale 2016, Next 2016, Double Unlimited, Ajoib 2016 and Ajoib mintaqavi. This service provides these subscribers with ability to send and receive calls and SMS messages while outside the Republic of Tajikistan.

How can I activate the “Real Roaming” Service?
In order to activate “Real Roaming” Service, it is required to do the following:
It is required to activate “Real Roaming” Service before departure from the Republic of Tajikistan. Activation/Deactivation service is free.

What are rates for “Real Roaming” Service?
Rates for “Real Roaming” Service within the host country depend on the network of roaming partner selected by you. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to review tariffs and rates in advance. Rates are indicated here.

Ha do I register in the network of roaming partner and how do I change the roaming partner?
Upon arrival to the destination country, please turn on your device, and then the network of roaming partner available in the region will be selected by default. If the code and/or name of the roaming partner’s network did not appear on your display, it is required to use manual selection of the network using the menu of your phone. It is required to manual selection mode also when you need to choose a network other than the one selected by default. As soon as the network code and/or name of roaming partner appears on the screen, it will be possible to make outgoing calls, as well as use all available services of given network.

How should I dial numbers?
Dialing a number while in roaming mode in another country can be done as follows:  
+ [country code] [CITY/network code] [subscriber’s number]
Example: + [992] [93] [505 00 00]
Some incoming numbers are not identified or identified incorrect while using “Real Roaming” due to technical reasons.

How can I top-up the balance?
It is possible to top-up the balance of your account while on roaming mode using one of the following methods: There are more than 120 000 QIWI terminals throughout Russian Federation. It is possible to see the addresses of these terminals at the following link: 
The deposit will be done in Russian Rubles according to exchange rates of QIWI Bank (Russian Federation). Exchange rates will be indicated on the screen of QIWI terminal while making the deposit. It is also possible to review instructions on depositing money on the account using QIWI Terminals at the following link:

What is important to know while on roaming?


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