Roaming calls from Russia to home have become even cheaper!

While roaming in Russia, you can call Tajikistan from your mobile phone to Tcell subscriber numbers, using a special dialing: *135*992 [Tcell subscriber number]# Before dialing, make sure that you are connected to the Easy or Real roaming service and your phone is served by the network of the roaming partner MTS RUS.

After dialing the number in this format, after some waiting time on the line, the connection with the called subscriber will be established. Rounding off per minute.

Tariffication for roaming services:

Roaming partner network name
Incoming call (min)
Outgoing SMS
Outgoing call to Tajikistan with standard dialing (min)
Outgoing call to Tajikistan when using the "Call Home" service (min)
2.50 TJS 0.70 TJS 4.50 TJS
2.50 TJS

Prices are in TJS including VAT and excise tax.