About the service

How can I find out which roaming service I have connected?

To check the roaming service, you need to do the following:

  • dial the USSD command *601# to verify the service. After dialing you should receive an SMS message about which of the following roaming services you have connected: Easy roaming, Real roaming or International roaming.
  • familiarize yourself with tariffs and dialing rules during your stay abroad.

International Automatic Roaming (hereinafter as «IAR»)

International automatic roaming – is a service that allows subscribers with advance and credit form of payment for services to use their Tcell telephone number overseas in the network of Tcell’s roaming partner. Thus, it is possible to make calls to the subscriber who is roaming by dialing the Tcell number that he owns.

Before leaving, it is recommended to clarify whether the IAR in the destination country is provided and remember the name of the recommended network of the roaming partner with affordable tariffs. More detailed information about tariffs you can get in Call Center.

What services are available with activation of IAR?

The available services depend on the technical capabilities of the roaming partner network and may differ from the services available for Tcell subscribers. In most Tcell roaming partners networks to all subscribers are available following services:

  • Outgoing and incoming calls;
  • Sending/receiving SMS;
  • Data/Internet.

However, for technical reasons, in the networks of some roaming partners IAR services available to Tcell subscribers with codes 92 and 50 may differ from the services available to subscribers of the codes 93 and 77. More detailed information you can get in Call Center.