Always Online

Using «Always Online» Service you will not miss a call. If your phone is off or out of service area, anybody calling you may leave a voice message. You will be notified about receipt of voice message via SMS-message with the caller’s number and date and time of call. Also, in case if the subscriber calling you did not leave a voice message, you will receive an SMS-notification about a missed call.

A user can manage this service via USSD-commands:

Service activation
Service deactivation
Activation of voicemail service
Deactivation of voicemail service
Activation of SMS-notifications of «Who Called» service
Deactivation of SMS-notifications
Activation of SMS-notifications about subscriber’s online status
Deactivation of SMS-notifications about subscriber’s online status

Service is accessible to all subscribers by default in cases when «Subscriber is not available» and «Subscriber is offline». When the service is deactivated, the call divert is turned off.

Also, it is possible to manage your service profile in the network (activation/deactivation of services, change of language, etc.) via voice call to service number 595.
  • Activation of service is free of charge
  • Billing for outgoing call to Number 595 is free of charge for Tcell subscriber
  • Listening to messages (call to 595) is free of charge
  • Recording the voicemail is charged as per tariff of the caller
  • Important to know!

    1. If caller does not disconnect after the tone he/she can leave a voice mail, meanwhile the connection time is charges according to the tariff of the caller. If the caller disconnects before the tone then the caller will not be charged.
    2. In case if the caller is a subscriber of other operator, his/her billing terms are defined by the caller’s operator. Charge for connection with service is made by the network operator of the caller.
    3. Maximum length of the voice message is 30 seconds.
    4. Your inbox may contain up to 10 messages. In case new message received, then the oldest message will be deleted by default.
    5. Service is accessible to all subscribers by default in cases when «Subscriber is not available» and «Subscriber is offline».
    6. In case if subscriber activates call divert to other number, then the service conditions will not be in force.
    7. SMS-notification about missed calls comes on behalf of the caller.
    8. In case if you are in international roaming, call divert to number 595 is deactivated or not accessible (+99293595 or +99292595), i.e. you will not be able to listen to voicemail messages.
    9. SMS-notifications when «Subscriber is not available», «Subscriber is out of range», «Subscriber is offline» is available in roaming mode.
    10. When balance is equal to zero or below, the service is blocked till the moment of balance refill.
    11. When you call the «hidden» number when receiving a call is rejected, the text of the SMS-notifications «Who Called» instead of the number will be indicated «unknown».