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Service «Trainer»

Trainer - help to achieve the best results in building your body. When you start using the service, you need to enter information about your goals and parameters, after which the service will adjust the logic to your specified parameters and begin to give recommendations and build individual training schedule. Recommendations can be in the areas of training, weight, menu, diet and other aspects important to the body. You can also learn about nutrition and effective training through play mode.

You can connect service «Coach» at any moment in one way:

To disable the service, you can choose any of the following options:

The first two days of using of the service is free. After, the subscription cost is 75 diram per day.
Connect Trainer Service Modes
The game mode is activated by sending SMS with GAME text to 6300.
The activity mode is activated by sending SMS with WORK text to 6300, or automatically when the service is connected to the site

Other functions are provided in the framework of «Trainer» service. Sending an SMS from any of the following commands to 6300 will give you useful information: