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Tcell video portal

Tcell invites everyone towatch movies! Tcell’s videoportal service allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited viewing of movies, TV shows and cartoons, without spending mobile Internet traffic!

Video portalby Tcell has more than 1000 films, 1200 series, and 1500 series of cartoons in high quality! The video library includes films of different eras, countries and genres: fantasy, thrillers, comedies, melodramas and much more. For every movie lover there is exactly what he likes.

Internet traffic does not countwhen watching any movies from the video portal.The subscription fee for the service is only 1.3 TJS per day! Video portalis more convenientand profitable to use than downloading movies from the global network or watching them online.

The portal is very rich in content for children. This includes only licensed children's films and cartoons. When searching for their favorite cartoonsin the global network, children may accidentally find information that is not suitable for their age. On the video portal, there is a collection of really useful, educational and interesting cartoons.

New content is added to the library regularly. This is usually done at least once a week.

With the video portal service, the mobile cinema will always be with you – on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can view the movies, wherever you are, either in transport, outside, while waiting, when you need to entertain the kids, or on free evenings.

Activate the subscription to Tcell video-portal service by the *4004# command and enjoy the viewing! Subscription to video portal is available only for Tcell subscribers.

Information about the rules of subscription to the video portal is also available at the link: