The service «Subscription number fee»

Useful USSD-commnads

  The USSD service provides access of the Tcell subscriber to useful information, information about deposits and balance of personal account, purchase of additional services, change of tariff plan, etc.

Auto setting request *0510# 0
Check your number
*99# 0
Check balance
*100# 0
Check for active services
*102# 0
Checking the last outgoing Call/SMS/MMS/GPRS
*104# 0
Checking charges for services
*105# 0
Checking current time
*107# 0
Checking IMEI code of your device
*#06# 0
Sending «Call Me» request
*505*subscriber’s number# 0
Call divert (no reply)
**61*number# 0
Call divert (no coverage/switched off)
**62*number# 0
Call divert (when busy)
**67*number# 0
All diverts
**004*number# 0
Divert all calls
**21*number# 0
Always Online (activation) *595# 0
Always Online (deactivation) *595*0# 0
Black List (add number) *115*21*subscriber’s number# 0,224 TJS/day
Black List (delete number) *115*22*subscriber’s number# 0
White List (add number) *115*11*subscriber’s number# 0
White List (delete number) *115*12*subscriber’s number# 0
Deactivation of «Calls Filter»
*115*0# 0
Request numbers on Black List *115*25# 0
Request numbers on White List *115*15# 0
Subscribe to the report on calls (Black List) *115*29# 0,122 TJS/day
Unsubscribe to the report on calls (Black List) *115*20# 0
Mobile transfer *188*subscriber’s number *transfer amount# 0,203 TJS
Active Assistance *189*subscriber’s number*requested amount# 0
Temporary payment (amount of 1 TJS) *120*1# 0,203 TJS
Temporary payment (amount of 4 TJS) *120*2# 0,611 TJS
Temporary payment (amount of 6 TJS)
*120*3# 0,713 TJS
  Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.


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