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Unified free USSD-portal 105

Would you like to see your expenses for a day, for a month on your own?
Do not remember the entire list of active services on your number?

USSD-portal 105 – it is a fast, easy and convenient way to manage the services from your mobile phone. In addition, the portal provides an opportunity to learn about new services and tariffs, and get connection to them. 

1. Dial on your mobile phone the command: star.gif1.gif0.gif5.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif it will take you to the main menu, where you can select the section you are interested in. 
2. To select the desired section, it is necessary to enter the corresponding section number and press “Answer / Send” in the opened window.
3. You will find yourself in the selected section. Then go through the menu items in the same way.
4. To return to the previous menu level, enter 0, and send the message.
5. To return to the main menu, enter * (asterisk), and send the message.

While using USSD-portal 105, you can receive incoming calls and SMS or MMS-messages.


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