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Call at friend’s expense

If you run out of balance – it does not matter! Call friends at their own expense with «Call for friend’s expense» from Tcell.
This service is available to all Tcell subscribers even with zero balance.

Your friend, taking a call from you, hears a voice message. He or she can either take your call by pressing 1 or reject by hanging up or pressing the cancel button. For the caller the call is free, for the person taking the call it is 0,0815 TJS per minute including taxes (rounding is minutely). Billing begins with the connection of subscribers.

In addition, if «Temporary payment» Service is available to you, the service can be activated by pressing 1. In this case, your balance will get the maximum available amount for the service, and you will be independently able to make a call after a certain time.

If you want to restrict the calls at your expense, type the command
To remove call barring at your expense, type the command

The call is carried out under the following conditions:

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