How to setup Internet?

You don’t have an access to internet but you want to use it?

Then you need to use our guidance in setting internet on your device. 

All mobile phones automatically receive MMS and Internet settings during registration Tcell mobile network or mobile phone change except iOS phones or devices Chinese. If your phone on iOS or Chinese, when requesting the automatic configuration you get an SMS-template which you can configure the Internet or MMS manually.

If the Internet or MMS settings have been deleted, modified, or for some reason have not been delivered, you can order them at any time for free:

Automated settings

Manual settings for ОS Android, iOS, Windows Phone
For manual internet settings on your device, to go through following links depending on OS of your device is needed:

android.jpg  Settings → More or Other networks → Mobile network → Access point (APN).

apple.jpg  Settings → Cellular Data → Cellular Data Network.

Windows.jpg  Settings → APN → Add.

In above mentioned settings create and save following data:
  • Important to know!
      1. Once you set your device, switch on mobile date.
      2. If internet does not work still, try to reset your device.
      3. Be sure you have enough money on balance.


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