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Chi Gap

«Chi Gap» is the first Tajik national mobile application for smartphones that allows to make FREE voice calls within the application, as well as to make calls to fixed and mobile phones in Tajikistan at affordable prices.

Switch to the new “Chi Gap”! Tcell has announced the launch of the updated “Chi Gap” application - one of the most beloved communication applications in Tajikistan and beyond. One of the main features of the new application is the high quality of voice calls to local and mobile phones in Tajikistan. The previous version of the application soon will be deactivated and stopped. Hurry up to download and install the new “Chi Gap” from Tcell via the Play Market or the App Store. In order to switch to the new “Chi Gap”, you need to download and install the application. Application login video instructions for already registered and active users:

Сall direction   Price
Monthly fee*
0,50 TJS
«Chi Gap» on «Chi Gap»
«Chi Gap» on Tcell (without application)
0,10 TJS
Call from «Chi Gap» to other mobile providers and landlines within Republic of Tajikistan
0,20 TJS
Call from «Chi Gap» to international destinations
According to the charging
by intl. directions
«Chi Gap» to other mobile providers and landlines within Republic of Tajikistan
0.05 TJS
«Chi Gap» to international destinations
0.50 TJS
Data transfer**
According to the tariff plan

    * The fee is charged once and ONLY in case of making a call from the application or when receiving an incoming call to the application exclusively for the tariff plans “Avvalin* 2016”, “Businessman” and Hamkor.

    ** Traffic for the use of the application is consumed from the package or charged according to the tariff plan or Wi-Fi network.
  • Advantages
      • Making calls to Tajikistan and across the world at reasonable prices.
      • Sending SMS.
      • Online monitoring of own balance.
      • Balance top-up (including top-up through TezSum,).
      • Gaining a temporary balance credit by means of “Temporarily payment” service of Tcell.
      • Transferring balance from one Tcell number to another though “Mobile transfer” service of Tcell.
      • Getting Special offers from Tcell & being informed of Tcell breaking news.
      • Contacting Tcell Customer Care by means of online chat or free voice call or e-mailing.
  • Registration
          Who can use this application?
      • Tcell subscribers;
      • Subscribers who do not have the opportunity to contact the service office, or outside Tajikistan.

        • Step 1: How to start using the application?
        • Make sure you are connected to 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi;
        • Download the app in the AppStore (temporarily unavailable in Google Play) depending on your phone's operating system;
        • The app is only available for phones.

        • Step 2: How do I register?

           Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you have to click on «Register» button on the home page.

          1. Page with the question «Do you have Tcell number?» appears on the screen
          2. Press the button «Yes»
          3. In the next window, enter your phone number (prerequisite: the availability of SIM-card:
            in the phone to receive a password in order to complete a successful registration)
          4. Read and accept the terms and click on «SMS»
          5. Further to your specified number, you will receive an SMS with a 6-digit password
          6. In new opened window enter your phone number and password received via SMS, and now you are signed up for the «Chi Gap»

            How to call from other countries to Tajikistan?
          For a free call to Tajikistan, you have to call from your Chi Gap application to subscriber’s Chi Gap application. In this case, dialing format can have country code, and can be without it.
          To call to Tajikistan at low prices* to subscribers who do not have «Chi Gap» application, you need to dial the local phone number in international format +992 XX XXX XX XX and click on «Mobile call» button.
            * For prices refer to the table above
  • Call center
          "Chi Gap" Information Call Center - by calling to Call Center "Chi Gap" you can get all information about the application Chi Gap.
        • Answer to all information questions regarding application "Chi Gap"
        • Lock and unlock numbers.
        • Assistance with registration in application "Chi Gap"
        • Password restoration

          Call Center number:
          +992 (77) 711 5555

          Working hours:
  • FAQ

      Can I use Chi Gap application if I am not Tcell subscriber and I`m in Tajikistan?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
      No, for using "Chi Gap" application, you need to register and purchase a Tcell number for login and password to access the application. As for the application you must have Internet access, you can continue to use mobile services of any other mobile operator or use a Wi-Fi network.
      Can I use Chi Gap if I am out of Tajikistan at that moment?
      Yes, you can, if you are a Tcell subscriber and hold a SIM card in your possession, connected to the roaming service (Easy and Real roaming with a positive balance of more than 5 TJS and International roaming more than 100 TJS) and use communication services through the application outside of Tajikistan.
      How can I get a Tcell SIM-card to number, which I registered "Chi Gap"?
      You can get a SIM-card in any of the service centers of Tcell. To do this, you must provide a passport on which was carried out registration "Chi Gap" and pay for the services of SIM-card.
      How can I enter the application if I forgot password?
      You need to press button “Forgot password”. In opened window enter your telephone number that was registered in app and press the button “SMS”. During next few minutes you will get SMS with 6 digit code. Enter new code and confirm it. Now you will enter the application Chi Gap. In order to maintain the privacy and convenience of the further use of the application, we recommend that you change your password.
      Can I use "Chi Gap" app on tablet or PC?
      Currently, the app only works on smartphones.
      Do I need to be in the Internet zone to use Chi Gap?
      Yes, you can use Chi Gap application only if you have access to the 3G/4G Internet network or Wi-Fi.
      How do I top up the balance of my account of "Chi Gap"?

      Since you have same balance for "Chi Gap" and the mobile number, the recharge is done by standard methods: via self-service terminals, in Tcell service centers, etc. 

      If you are in Russia, you can top up the balance of your mobile account through any QIWI self-service terminals. Replenishment of the balance is made in Russian rubles at the exchange rate of QIWI Bank (Russia). The rate will be indicated on the screen of QIWI terminals during payment process. 

      If you are in other countries, it is possible to recharge via QIWI purse.

      How can I find friends in Chi Gap?

      In the Contacts part you have two sections: "Phone" and "Chi Gap". 

      In the "Phone" section you will see a list of all contacts from your phone. Next to contacts that already registered in Chi Gap a logo will appear. 

      In the "Chi Gap" section you will only see a list of your friends with "Chi Gap" app.

      How do I change the password in Chi Gap?

      If the first entry in the application has been carried out through the existing number Tcell: you must insert a SIM card with the Tcell number and verify the availability of Tcell network (if you're in Tajikistan) or check the availability of the network roaming partners (if you are outside Tajikistan). Next, click on "Forgot password". In the window that opens, enter your phone number Tcell (it is a username in the "Chi Gap") and click on «SMS». Within a few minutes you will receive an SMS with a 6-digit code.

      If you can not recover the password for other reasons, please contact technical support or phone +992 777 11 5555. After entering the application "Chi Gap" later in order to maintain the privacy and convenience of the further use of the application is recommended to change the password.

      What should I do if my account is suspended, broken, or is at risk?
      If you believe that your account uses someone else, it is broken or is under another threat, report it immediately to the technical support service and we will take actions to restore your access.
      What if none of my phone contacts is displayed in the contact list of Chi Gap?

      - Make sure that you are in the coverage area of Wi-Fi signal, 3G or 4G. "Chi Gap" will be synced only with a stable internet connection.
      - Remove from the list of your telephone contacts your friend’s number which you know exactly uses Chi Gap app > Add it to the list of your phone contacts again > Check whether synchronization has occurred.
      - Reboot your device.
      - If none of these methods solve the problem, remove and reinstall the "Chi Gap" app itself.

      What should I do if I have not received a password?

      If the first entry in the application has been carried out through the existing number Tcell: you must insert a SIM card with the Tcell number and verify the availability of Tcell network (if you're in Tajikistan) or check the availability of the network roaming partners (if you are outside Tajikistan). Password must be received by SMS;

      If the above suggestions do not help, contact the technical support service or by calling +992 777 11 5555.

      Can I connect application "Chi Gap" for corporate subscribers?
      Yes, application is available for all TP
      In which tariff plans the app "Chi Gap" can be connected to?
      It can be connected for all voice tariff plans.

  • Privacy policy
             This Policy determines how CJSC «Indigo Tajikistan» (further «Operator») receives, collects and uses information in connection with Operator’s website at (the "Site"), the «Chi Gap» software («Chi Gap» Application»), and other products and services provided on the website (all of the foregoing, collectively, the "Services").
      By visiting this Site or using the Services, Subscriber is accepting the policies and practices described in this Policy, as such Policy may be improved from time to time. Each time Subscriber visits the Site or use the Service, he agrees and expressly permits to collection, use and disclosure of the information that Subscriber provides as described in this Policy.
             By the phrase "Personal Information" in this Policy, Operator means information about Subscriber’ s personal information, like name, address, e-mail address, billing information, or phone number, as well as other information which is not public, but associated with this personal information. When Operator uses the phrase "Anonymous Information" in this Policy, it means information that is not personally recognizable, or linked to Subscriber’s Personal Information such as aggregated information, general demographic information and IP addresses. Anonymous Information does not necessarily allow to identify the individuals.

      1. Collection and Use of Information
      When Subscriber installs the «Chi Gap» Application or register on the Site, Subscriber provides phone number, name and a photo (name and photo are not mandatory) and attaches passport copy and copy of address registration page (for Subcribers who are not Operator’s subscribers) allowing access to mobile device's address book.
      A copy of the phone numbers and names in address book (but not emails, notes or any other Personal Information in the address book) will be stored on Operator’s servers and will only be used to:
      (a) inform the Subscriber when the contacts become active on «Chi Gap» Application,
      (b) show which of Subscriber’s contacts is already «Chi Gap» Application user,
      (c) correctly display the name of each contact as it appears in address book when a call is received,
      (d) synchronize contacts with «Chi Gap» Application,running on iOS.
      The copy of address book (names and phones) is stored on a live database, however the database does not have backup. If Subscriber deletes the address book from Operator’s servers, it will be deleted immediately and constantly. Subscriber’s phone number will be used to identify the Subscriber in «Chi Gap» Application as login. «Operator also maintains a Call Detail Record (CDR) for each message and call that goes through «Chi Gap» Application.

      2. Status in «Chi Gap» Application
      Other «Chi Gap» Application users are able see Subscriber’s connection status as well as whether Subscriber observed messages sent. These features may be disabled via the settings.

      3. Disclosure of Information
      Operator does not rent, sell, or share any information about Subscribers with any third-parties, except as concretely depict herein. Operator may disclose Personal Information if it believes such action is necessary to:
      (a) fulfill the law, or legal process served;
      (b) protect and defend our rights or property:
      (c) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of Subscribers and/or users of «Chi Gap» Application or members of the public.
      In order to provide Subscriber with «Chi Gap» Services requested, Operator may sometimes, if necessary, share Personal Information (excluding address book and related information) and traffic data with trusted partner service providers and/or agents, for example: banking organizations or other providers of payment and analytical services, customer support, or hosting services. Operator will always require these third parties to take appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect personal data and traffic data and to observe the relevant legislation. Operator will never share address book information with any third party.
             Operator may unfold information about the Subscriber if determines that is needed for national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance. Operator may occasionally ask the Subsciber to provide information about experiences, which will be used to measure and improve quality. Subscriber is at no time under any obligation to provide any of such data. Any and all information which is voluntarily represented in feedback forms on the Site or any survey that accepted to take part in is used for the purposes of reviewing this feedback and improving the «Chi Gap» Application software, Services and websites.
             Operator may contact the Subscriber to send messages about faults and service issues. Furthermore, Operator reserves the right to use email, the «Chi Gap» Application software or SMS to notify Subscribers of any eventual claims concerning to use of software, websites and/or products, including without limitation claims of violation of third party rights.

      4. Security
      Operator takes reasonable foresight to protect Personal Information from misuse, loss and unauthorized access. Although Operator cannot guarantee that Personal Information will not be subject to unauthorized access, Operator has physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in place to protect Personal Information.

      5. Changes to Policy Periodically
      Operator may revise this Policy. Operator reserves the right to update or modify this Policy, or any other of our policies or practices, at any time with or without notice. However, Operator will not use Personal Information in a way that is essentially different than the uses described in this Policy without giving the Subscriber an opportunity to abandon from such use. Operator will post the revised Policy on the Site, so that users can always be aware of what information collected, how the information is used and under what circumstances such information may be disclosed. Subscriber agrees to review the Policy from time to time to be aware of any changes. If Subscriber continues to use «Chi Gap» Application and/or the Services it indicates that the Subscriber agreed with any changes to the terms of this Policy. If Subscriber does not agree with these terms, he should not use the Site, the «Chi Gap» Application, or any other related Services.

      6. Change or Removal of Information
      Operator is not able fix when and if the Subscriber deletes «Chi Gap» Application since of technologically restrictions. Thus, if Operator detects no activity from device for 90 days, Operator will suppose that Subscriber deleted «Chi Gap» Application and Operator will remove Subscriber’s address book from its servers. However, since Operator is not certain that Subscriber deleted «Chi Gap» Application, Operator will not deactivate «Chi Gap» account (which is your phone number and device ID).

      7. Contact Information Please direct all questions in connection with this Policy to:
      CJSC «Indigo Tajikistan»
      Rudaki. 34 (Tcell Plaza)
      Fax: +992 37 223 21 23
      Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • User Agreement

              CJSC “Indigo Tajikistan”, hereinafter referred to as “OPERATOR”, acting under the License №11-022-Т, dated from 31.10.2011, issued by the Communication Service under the Government of the RT offers the end user (hereinafter referred to as “SUBSCRIBER”) voice calling, and exchange messaging services through licensed software (hereinafter referred to as “Chi Gap Application”) for the mobile devices, which is available as downloadable installer via official CJSC “Indigo Tajikistan” at (hereinafter referred to as Operator’s website), as well as in Google’s Play Market and Apple’s AppStore (hereinafter referred to as “AppStore”).
          This License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) is binding legal document between OPERATOR and SUBSCRIBER and contains the rights and obligations of the SUBSCRIBER and the OPERATOR regarding the use of “Chi Gap” Application. By using "Chi Gap" Application Subscriber acknowledges and agrees to the terms of this Agreement, Operator’s Privacy Policy.

          1.1.    “Chi Gap” application gives Subscriber opportunity to make voice calls, to exchange instant chat messaging, to receive calls on the Subscriber’s device, to make outgoing calls to the Operator’s Subscribers’ devices as well as to the devices of the other Subscribers of the other mobile operators. 

          2.1. Subscriber — natural person (citizen), entrepreneur or legal entity with whom Operator signed relevant contract on provisioning of services and assigned to the Subscriber number(s). 
          2.2. Subscriber number – allocated by the Operator to the Subscriber in a communication network, unambiguously defining (identifying) the connected device of the Subscriber to the communication network with/without SIM-card of the Operator in it. 
          2.4. Subscriber’s profile – Subscriber’s account information section which contains his/her personal information: full name, passport number and other information which are required to be provided by the Subscriber during registration process in “Chi Gap” application. 
          2.5. IP-to-IP calling — calls (voice) that are initiated or terminated in the IP-network using “Chi Gap” Application (from the Subscriber using “Chi Gap” Application to the Subscriber’s “Chi Gap” Application).
          2.6. SIP IN calls — calls that are initiated in the telephony network and terminated in the IP-network (to the Subscriber that is using “Chi Gap” application).
          2.7. SIP OUT calls — calls that are initiated in the IP-network (Subscriber using “Chi Gap” application) and terminated in the telephony network (Subscriber who at the moment of receiving the call is not using “Chi Gap” application). 
          2.8. Chat – the mean of exchange of instant messaging in real-time through a computer connected to a network as well as software which lets such communication. 
          2.9. Account number — register of analytics in the IDBC of the Operator, intended to show in the account the operations on provisioning communication services to the Subscriber and his/her payments. 
          2.10. Login – Subscriber number and Password intended to log in to “Chi Gap” application. 
          2.11. Subscriber’s account – a record in the database of the “Chi Gap” application platform, containing information about Subscriber, including but not limited to Login information. 
          2.12. Blocking – suspension of the access of the Subscriber to “Chi Gap” application by the Operator, including but not limited to situations, when there is insufficient funds in the Subscriber’s account to use “Chi Gap” application, or submission of incorrect, false, incomplete information in the Subscriber’s profile by the Subscriber.  
          2.13. Status – function of “Chi Gap” application, which allows seeing Subscriber’s status: “Online”, “Offline”, “Away”, “Invisible”, etc. Subscriber can manually choose the status or it will automatically change. 

           3. “Chi Gap” APPLICATION FUNCTIONS
           3.1. “Chi Gap” application allows Subscriber to use the following functions:
          •   Make outgoing or accept incoming IP-to-IP voice calls; 
          •   Make outgoing or accept incoming to/from telephony networks (SIP IN и SIP OUT);
          •   Exchange instant messaging through IP-to-IP chats;
          •   Add or edit personal information; 
          •   Search other Subscribers using “Chi Gap” application by their personal information;
          •   Manage status in “Chi Gap” application;
          •     Install “Chi Gap” application updates from the Operator’s resource; 
          3.2. Availability of functionality depends, including the presence of the status of the other Subscriber, availability of phone number in the address book, as well as availability of the “Chi Gap” application in the device of the other Subscriber.  
          3.3. Functionality of “Chi Gap” application may vary at the discretion of the Operator any time about which Subscribers shall be notified through AppStore or Operator’s website. 

          4.1.  This Agreement is valid until terminated by the Subscriber or by the Operator. Subscriber may terminate this Agreement with the Operator at any time or stop using “Chi Gap” application at Subscriber’s discretion. 
          4.2. In turn, Operator may terminate this Agreement with the Subscriber at any time, temporarily or permanently deprive Subscriber to use “Chi Gap” application under the following conditions: 
          4.2.1. subscriber breaches the terms of this Agreement;
              4.2.2. if Operator has reason to believe that the use of “Chi Gap” application by the Subscriber violates the laws or the rights of the third parties;
              4.2.3. if Operator has reason to believe that the other party is trying to use "Chi Gap" application in bad faith for mercenary purposes;
              4.2.4. if Operator has reason to consider that the Account of the Subscriber is used by the third parties for fraudulent purposes;
              4.2.5. immediately, if it is necessary in view of changes in the legislation and (or) regulations of authorized regulatory bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan;
              4.2.6. if Operator’s Subscriber submitted incorrect, false, incomplete information during registration in “Chi Gap” application; 
          4.3. All materials posted, sent or received by the Subscriber using "Chi Gap" application, including, but not limited to the status message, photos, videos and other communications, collectively referred to as "Subscriber Materials". Such Subscriber Materials can be posted and published by the Subscriber within "Chi Gap" application, and may be visible to other Subscribers of "Chi Gap" application. Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that any Subscriber Material can be viewed by other subscribers who have Subscriber assigned phone number and Subscriber installed "Chi Gap" application on his/her device. 
          4.4. Operator does not guarantee confidentiality on any Subscriber Materials. Subscriber bears full responsibility for his/her own Subscriber Materials, and for the consequences of their publications. Subscriber Materials do not reflect a position of Operator and/or the relation to them, and the Operator does not give guarantee about reliability, accuracy or legal status of any Subscriber Materials.
          4.5. During the use of the “Chi Gap” application, the Subscriber can encounter information contents of which may be deemed as offensive, indecent, or undesirable by the Subscriber. Nevertheless the Subscriber agrees to use “Chi Gap” application based on his/her own risk, and Operator shall not be liable to the Subscribers for the contents that may be deemed as offensive, obscene or undesirable.
          4.6. Operator is not responsible for the availability of "Chi Gap" application for use in any place. Subscriber uses the "Chi Gap" application on their own initiative and is responsible for compliance with any applicable laws. The Operator reserves the right to make changes, suspend, delete or block Subscriber using “Chi Gap” application at any time at breach of the terms of this Agreement by the Subscriber and/or according to the order of the appropriate authorized governmental units of the Republic Tajikistan.

          5. BILLING  
          5.1. "Chi Gap” application provides billing of SIP OUT calls as they occur in accordance with the tariffs of the Operator published on the official web site of the Operator.
          5.2. SIP IN voice calls, IP-to-IP chats in “Chi Gap” application is not billed, except the fee for data transfer in accordance with the tariff plan of the Subscriber at the time of use of “Chi Gap” application.  
          5.3. Charging in “Chi Gap” application is made from the Account number which is assigned to the Subscriber according to the existing tariffs. “Chi Gap” application tariffs are available in the Operator’s website. 
          5.4. If Subscriber makes SIP OUT conference calls with several Subscribers simultaneously, such calls are billed according to the number of calls (number of Subscribers on the conference), in accordance with the tariffs of “Chi Gap” application. 
          5.5. Operator reserves the right to make changes to the tariffs of “Chi Gap” application at any time with the prior notice to the Subscriber. Subscribers can find such changes in the Operator’s website. 
          5.6 Operator reserves the right to offer some and/or all functionality of the “Chi Gap” application for free within the determined period.

          6.1. Subscriber downloads “Chi Gap” application from the Operator’s website or from AppStore. 
          6.2. Subscriber installs “Chi Gap” application to the Subscriber’s device according to the installation instruction; 
          6.3. Subscriber with the active Subscriber number needs to indicate his/her active Subscriber number according to the instruction and accept the terms of this Agreement. 
          6.4. Subscriber without the active Subscriber number needs to go through registration process after which Subscriber number and Login will be assigned to the Subscriber. 
          6.5. In order to receive Subscriber number and Login, Subscriber must: 
             6.5.1 Fill in following mandatory fields related to the Subscriber’s profile:
          •   Full name;
          •   Current passport number;
          •   Date of birth;
          •   Active number entered in international format, or any valid email address to receive Login information;
          6.5.2 Upload scanned copy of the current passport – copy must have appropriate quality and resolution in the prescribed format. 
          6.5.3 Familiarize himself/herself with this Agreement and accept the terms of this Agreement by choosing “Accept” option in “Chi Gap” application;
          6.6. After passing the registration process in accordance with the Paragraph 6.3 or 6.4-6.5, Subscriber receives Login information to the provided active mobile phone number or to Subscriber number, or email address. Entering Login information allows the Subscriber to finish registration and start using “Chi Gap” application.
          6.7. If during registration process any of the field was filled in a format other than the required, the Subscriber will be offered to go through the registration process once again in order to receive Login information. In case of failure to meet requirements of filling obligatory fields and/or providing false information by the Subscriber, Operator reserves the right to deny registration or Block the Subscriber. 
          6.8. Assigning number to the Subscriber in the registration process means that the Subscriber agreed to the conditions of the current Agreement on provision of services and assignment of Subscriber number(s), which is available on the Operator’s website. 
          6.9. Subscriber is solely responsible for the information provided in the Subscriber’s profile in accordance with applicable legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

          7.1. Operator receives, gathers Subscriber’s "Chi Gap" application usage information, including Subscriber’s personal information in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy approved by the Operator.
          7.2. By using “Chi Gap” application, Subscriber agrees that Operator may gather and use technical and relevant information, including but not limited to technical information about Subscriber’s device, operating system and software and peripherals which are used by the Operator for provision of updates/changes to the functionality of “Chi Gap” application, provision of technical support for “Chi Gap”, and provision of other services related to the “Chi Gap” application (if such services are available). 

          8.1. From time to time, Operator may make amendments to the terms of this Agreement. Changes are published in the Operator’s website and shall enter into force on the date of their publication.
          8.2. Subscribers are notified of the amendment or termination of this Agreement by publication on the operator's website ten (10) days prior to the entry into force of such changes. This Agreement shall be deemed amended or canceled on the date specified in the corresponding notice.
          8.3. If Subscriber does not send protest note to the Operator within 10 (ten) working date from the moment of publication of changes of the Agreement, and/or after the the introduction of such changes, the Subscriber continues using “Chi Gap” application, such changes are deemed accepted by the Subscriber.

          9.1. Subscriber is responsible for all activities that occur in the Subscriber's account and Subscriber agrees to immediately notify Operator of any unauthorized use of the Subscriber's number or any security breach in relation to the Subscriber's account. Operator is not responsible for any loss that Subscriber may incur as a result of using the "Chi Gap" application, with or without the knowledge of the Subscriber.
          9.2. Subscriber shall not:
          9.2.1. intercept or listen to, disrupt or interfere with any information exchange that is not intended for the Subscriber;
          9.2.2. use any software code - "viruses", "Trojan horses", "worms", "time bombs" and ete., designed to distort, delete, damage, or simulation or violation of "Chi Gap" application integrity;
          9.2.3. distribute bulk commercial messages without the concent of the recipients (also known as “SPAM”), which is banned by the relevant provisions of the existing legislation or to use “Chi Gap” application for “phishing” (“phishing” of valuable information), “farming” (redirection of the internet traffic to specific websites), impersonating a person or create a false impression to the relationship with the other person or entity; 
          9.2.4. to send to other Subscribers materials of offensive content or materials potentially dangerous to minors, obscene materials or other undesirable character;
          9.2.5. to use or make attempts of use “Chi Gap” application to create obstacles or inconveniences to the third parties,  for expressing threats or invasion of privacy of third parties
          9.2.6. to use Subscriber materials to which the third parties have the property right, except for cases when the Subscriber has a license or permission of the person having such rights;
          9.2.7. to use “Chi Gap” applications for collecting any identifying information, including names of other Subscribers; 9.2.8 to influence or try to influence availability and functionality of the “Chi Gap” application, in particular, by means of attacks of DOS (denial of service – refusal in service) or DDoS (distributed denial of service – the distributed refusal in service).

          10. TERMS OF REFUND
          10.1. If the Subscriber believes that the calls made by the "Chi Gap" application were billed by the Operator incorrectly, Subscriber has the right to file a written statement to the Operator within 30 (thirty) calendar days after such charge has occurred. Claim for refund payments are not considered after 30 (thirty) calendar days from the charged date.
          10.2. Operator reserves the right to reject the claim for return of money if there is reasons to believe that: (a) the Subscriber is trying to unfairly take advantage of the refund policy, for example, Subscriber submits several  claims on refund of money for the same claimed payment; (b) the Subscriber violates conditions of this Agreement; (c) according to the available information to the Operator, the Subscriber uses "Chi Gap" application for fraudulent purposes, or if the subscriber account is used by a third party for fraudulent purposes.

          11.1. "Chi Gap" application, including the Operator's website, as well as "Chi Gap" trade mark, and copies thereof are protected by copyright and other applicable intellectual property laws.
          11.2 .The operator owns the name, copyright and other intellectual property rights for «Chi Gap» application and all copies, modifications and their derivatives, and the main software (including any Subscribers' reviews of  «Chi Gap» application).
          11.3. Specified in the 13th condition, in terms of third-party software license rights are reserved. To agree the software license, you agree to abide the terms of 13th condition refers to a specified software license.

          12.1. All disputes between the Subscriber and Operator under this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. If Parties are unable to resolve disagreements, disputes shall be submitted to the economic courts of the Republic of Tajikistan in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

          13.1. In this software, there is third party software used under the license terms specified in the following software:
          Qt 4.4.0: Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Nokia Corporation and / or related subsidiaries. The specified version is made for the commercial license agreement. For licensing terms, refer to: # qt-commercial-license

          PJSIP 1.8: Copyright (C) 2009 Teluu LLP. The specified version is made for the commercial license agreement. For licensing terms, please contact or

          Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C / C + + Library of Operation: Copyright (C) 2010 Microsoft Corporation. For licensing terms, see the license agreement distributed with Visual Studio 2010 product.
  • Switch to the new “Chi Gap”!
      Tcell has announced the launch of the updated “Chi Gap” application - one of the most beloved communication applications in Tajikistan and beyond. One of the main features of the new application is the high quality of voice calls to local and mobile phones in Tajikistan. The previous version of the application soon will be deactivated and stopped. Hurry up to download and install the new “Chi Gap” from Tcell via the Play Market or the App Store.

      In order to switch to the new “Chi Gap”, you need to download and install the application.

      The procedure of application login for already registered and active users:
    • Step 1: On a number entry page, click on the “Restore” button;
    • Step 2: Enter your registered number and click on the button “Get SMS code”;
    • Step 3: Enter all required fields (Name, Surname, Passport No., five (5) numbers with which you spoke to and an alternative number) and click on the “Confirm” button. Your data will be verified by the support service and an SMS with a password will be sent to your alternative provided number;
    • Step 4: After receiving an SMS with a password, you must again enter to the number entry page and click on the “Restore” button;
    • Step 5: Enter your registered number in the field and click on the button "I already have a code";
    • Step 6: Enter your registered number and the code that was sent to your alternate number.

    • You have successfully logged in to the new “Chi Gap” application!

      “Chi Gap” was launched by Tcell in April 2015, and became the first Tajik national mobile application for a smartphone, which allows always stay online and make mobile and local calls in Tajikistan at affordable prices. During this time, "Chi Gap", has gained great popularity among people who want to always stay in touch with loved ones from anywhere in the world.