Subscriber Services

Conference Call

«Conference Сall» function provides to have simultaneous conversation with five subscribers including subscribers of city landline service.

To organize a conference call, the initiating subscriber shall perform the following actions:

In order to connect to other participants of the conference call (not more than 5); initiating subscriber dials other telephone numbers using regular method. Previous subscribers go on hold and do not hear each other unless the initiating subscriber connects them to conversation.

Other participants of conference call can also have confidential conversations (accept call or make call to anybody else except the conference participants), but at this moment, the conference participants cannot hear each other, i.e. they are on hold.
During the conference call, the initiating subscriber can exclude any of the participants, or terminate the conference call by excluding all its participants.
To finish a conference call, any participant can terminate connection using usual method.
Function is available to the subscriber if «Call Waiting/Hold» function is on.

Billing for initiating subscriber will be made in accordance with the tariff plan on each number of connected conference participants.


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