Package «Diyory man 2016»

Do you often call to all directions within the country?

Good news for Tcell fans about carefree communication within Tajikistan.

Tcell presents package «Diyory man 2016» with 100 free minutes for all calls within the country and 50 MB of Internet traffic for 7 days only for 7 TJS!

Command to activate the package
or send SMS to a short number 277 with text 1 in message field
Command to check the balance of package
or send empty SMS to a short number 277
Command to disable the package*
or send SMS to a short number 277 with text 0 in message field
* Accumulated balance is canceled when you disable a package by your own initiative.

The package is available for tariff plans: Salom 2016, Avvalin* 2016, Ajoib 2016, Ajoib mintaqavi and Bale 2016.
Once minutes of the package expired, the cost of calls will be charged according to your tariff plan.
Detailed information on the package can be got on free IVR 277 (Russian, Tajik only).
All prices inclusive of VAT and excise taxes.

  • Important to know!
      1. Unspent minutes and internet traffic goes to the next week and accumulate with new one.
      2. During validity period of service at the end of internet package the price per 1MB beyond the package will be 0,10 TJS.
      3. In case of blocking the whole package, Internet traffic and voice calls are charged according to the tariff plan prices.
      4. If balance is sufficient to cover weekly fee, the package reconnects automatically.
      5. If the balance is insufficient, the service is blocked and accumulated megabytes freeze for 3 days.
      6. In order to use accumulated megabytes subscriber needs to top up the balance during these 3 days, otherwise accumulated megabytes will canceled.
      7. Remains of unused megabytes accumulate for 10 weeks.
      8. Accumulated resources will be void by the end of week 10, ie the maximum you can save up to 10 weeks. At week 11 unused traffic of the first week will start writing off. (For example, the subscriber has accumulated 500 megabytes, only 50 megabytes from this volume will canceled).
      9. When interchanging the tariff plans between the above mentioned, the package does not switch off, minutes and megabytes do not cancel.
      10. Is it possible to reconnect the package unlimited number of times within 7 days and accumulate megabytes.
      11. Activation of the package is impossible at the same time with following active services: " "Hour of mobility", "Bale +", "Annual Unlimited", "Unlimited smartphone 2016", "Unlimited smartphone light 2016", package "Intihobi man".
      12. To connect the above-mentioned services and package, you must deactivate the current package «Diyory man 2016». All accumulated remainder will be canceled.

Connect «Diyory man 2016» package and communicate carefree!
Tcell - closer than ever!

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