Refill of balance

Temporary payment

«Temporary payment» Service is provided to the subscribers with zero balance and at the moment cannot deposit funds on their account, but still need to continue communication.

Number of days after first call of the subscriber
Accessible amount of Temporary payment
Service charge
USSD-command for activation*
     Alternative USSD-command for activation Duration of Temporary payment
№1 From 31 to 180 days
1 TJS 0,20 TJS *120# 5 days
№2 From 181 to 480 days
5 TJS 0,70 TJS  5 days
№3 From 481 days and more
10 TJS 1,00 TJS 5 days

* In case of activation through *120#, the system automatically identifies the subscriber’s lifecycle, and then appropriate amount is activated for the subscriber.
Example: upon activation, the subscriber with lifecycle of more than 480 days gets the maximum amount of deposit accessible for this service 10 TJS.

  • It is important to know!
        1. Service is accessible for all PrePaid and PostPaid tariffs with exception of TP Next 2016, with Tcell network lifecycles of more than 30 days. Lifecycle of a subscriber is calculated from the date of first connection of a subscriber and also, during this period, the subscriber shall make at least one deposit of funds on his account (at any amount) in additional to the initial administrative payment.
        2. It is possible to activate the service only with balance of -0.10 TJS and more.
        3. At the request of a subscriber to *120# the system will: Check eligibility of a subscriber to Temporary payment service. Identify the category of subscriber. Set maximum accessible amount of Temporary payment for this subscriber in accordance with the category of the subscriber.
        4. Also, it is possible to activate the Service using interactive IVR (number 120).
        5. If a subscriber did not repay the Temporary payment (deposit to the account for the amount not less than amount of activated Temporary payment) during 5 days after activation of Temporary payment of 1, 5 or 10 TJS, the system will deduct the amount of unpaid Temporary payment from his/her account by default.
        6. Subscriber shall pay previous Temporary payment before he/she can activate another Temporary payment.
        7. Activated temporary payment may not be transferred to the balance of another subscriber, i.e. «SMS-money» Service is not available to transfer Temporary payment.

Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax..


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