International roaming

Activation and terms of service

How can I find out which roaming service I have connected?

To check the roaming service, you need to do the following:

How to activate/ deactivate the roaming service?

The service of International automatic roaming (the «IAR») is activated for individuals in the service center upon presentation of the passport and the application; for legal entities - upon written request by fax or e-mail addressed to the appropriate supervisor or service manager with an indication of subscriber to whom is necessary to activate the roaming service. In the application / request is recommended to specify the service activation term.

The service becomes available after activation when balance is positive with more than 100 TJS.

While roaming is recommended to maintain a positive balance of more than 50 TJS, as there may be a situation in which after the top up throughout the day roaming services remain inaccessible. Read more on how to refill the balance here.

How the tariffication of IAR occurs?

Withdrawal from the subscriber’s balance for the use of roaming services is carried out in the post-charging mode within 30 calendar days from the date the use of roaming services (i.e., after the subscriber uses the service, but not in real time), which can cause achieving of negative balance (debt) by the subscriber.

Incoming SMS are free of charge, other services are charged according to the tariffs for IAR which are updated every calendar month. More detailed information about tariffs you can get in Call Center.

The free «Call Me» service is also available in roaming which allows sending messages to Tcell subscribers with request to call back. Details can be found here.

For the subscriber, calling from Tajikistan to the roaming phone, the call is not an international and priced at the rate of usual call to the subscriber’s number of Tcell network.

All activated services in the Tcell network, such as Internet packages, bonus minutes, content and other services, do not apply while subscriber is roaming.

A call to the Tcell’s call-center is paid, rated as outgoing call to Tajikistan in accordance with relevant tariffs of the selected network.

During the stay in roaming, it is recommended to disable the call forwarding service for incoming calls to numbers of other subscribers, as the call forwarding is done automatically and is charged according to the tariffs for outgoing calls in roaming. Also, before leaving is recommended to disable the «Always Online» service as forwarded call to voicemail is charged as an incoming call. Details are here.


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