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Refilling the balance using Kazkommertsbank's ATM and financial portal of

The service of Refilling Tcell balance using Kazcommercebank's ATM and financial portal is available for cardholders of CJSC “Refilling the balance using Kazcommercebank ATM and financial portal of Tajikistan”

The subscribers of Tcell can make interest free payments for mobile communication services using plastic cards of CJSC Kazcommercebank Tajikistan through,system, as well as through bank’s ATM.

To refill the mobile phone balance of Tcell using ATM, it is required to:

  1. Insert the card of “Kazcommercebank Tajikistan” into slot of ATM, and after entering the Pin-number switch to payments section and select Tcell Operator;
  2. Enter the mobile phone number that will be refilled;
  3. Enter the amount that will be transferred to the balance of the phone;
  4. Confirm the payment, take your card and receipt;
  5. Addresses and locations of “Kazcommercebank Tajikistan” ATM’s are available at the following link:

To refill the balance of Tcell mobile phone through Internet, it is required to make the following two steps, A and B:

Step A (Service activation, one-time action, afterwards you will need step B only).
It is possible to activate the service of refilling the account of Tcell mobile communication in financial portal of,through self-subscription to the service after completion of the registration process.

Subscribe to Tcell balance refilling service through a phone call to Kazcommercebank’s Call-Center:

  1. Call to Kazcommercebank’s Call-Center at the following numbers: (44) 601-40-48 or (44) 620-40-40;
  2. After reply of the automatic teller you should enter your ID-number and first 4 digits of your password issued to you during registration in, or wait for the response from an Operator;
  3. After response from Operator you should tell the Operator of your ID-number, code word, last 4 digits of your card and TCELL number/numbers, to which you will transfer funds and wait for confirmation from the Operator about activation of service.

Step B (refilling the balance of the phone).
To refill a balance on the Tcell mobile number, it is required to:
  1. Visit financial portal of Homebank (, enter your ID-number and password;
  2. Switch to “Services” section, find and sele ct “Payment for Tcell Services” (if you cannot find the Service, then you should activate it as it is described in Step A above);
  3. Select from the list the phone number to which you will transfer funds, enter the payment amount and click on Next button;
  4. Ensure that the data is correct and click on “Process Payment” button;
  5. The amount will be deducted from your card account and after some time you will receive an SMS-notification about change of mobile phone balance.
    It is possible to view the payments history in the Section of “Services” => “Payments Archive” and by clicking on the payment number; you will see the details of the payment (Date, Recipient, Transaction Code, Subscriber’s number, etc.)


  1. Minimum amount per payment is 5.00 TJS;
  2. The subscriber will not be charged a commission
  3. Please refer all questions and comments regarding subscription to financial portal of telephone number (44) 601-40-48.


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