Subscriber Services

Caller ID ANI (automatic number identification)

You receive calls from the hidden numbers? You do not want to suffer anymore guessing who is calling you?

Automatic Number Identification Service allows you to see the hidden numbers of subscribers calling you on the display of the mobile phone.

Command for activation
Command for deactivation
The cost of connection is free. Daily subscription fee - 0.22 TJS. Monthly fee - 5 TJS

  • Important to know!
        1. Identification of subscriber's numbers in other networks is possible, but not guaranteed.
        2. Service is available for all tariff plans within Tcell network.
        3. Service is blocked when there is insufficient balance to charge the daily subscription fee.
        4. Service is automatically unblocked when you top up your balance.
Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.


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