Tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016»

Unlimited surfing in 4G!

Tariff option Monthly
subscription fee 
Internet speed upon
completion of traffic
for activation  
4G Unlimited XS
61 TJS 4000 Mb
up to 128 Kbit/s
4G Unlimited S
100,9 TJS 7500 Mb
up to 128 Kbit/s
4G Unlimited M
156,9 TJS
15000 Mb
up to 256 Kbit/s
4G Unlimited L
275,0 TJS
30000 Mb
up to 256 Kbit/s
4G Unlimited XL
475,0 TJS
60000 Mb
up to 256 Kbit/s
All prices inclusive of VAT and excise taxes.

After the end of the volume of traffic, you can purchase additional packages that will allow you to continue to use high-speed 4G Internet.
    Additional package Price USSD-command for activation SMS-command for activation
    Add. package 1000 Mb 20,38 TJS Send an SMS-message with text 1000 to the short number 454
    Add. package 300 Mb 12,24 TJS Send an SMS-message with text 300 to the short number 454

  • Terms and conditions of the additional package
    1. Activation of additional packages is available through the web-page balance.tcell.tj or via USSD/SMS.
    2. Additional packages are available for activation only when subscriber uses «Unlimited XS/S/M/L/XL» tariff option.
    3. The amount of additional traffic is added to the remainder traffic of the basic tariff option «Unlimited XS/S/M/L/XL»
    4. Number of additional packages for purchase is not limited.
    5. Validity of additional packages limited by the validity of corresponding basic tariff option. For example, the basic tariff option is activated in August 10th. So, the end date of the basic tariff option will be September, 9 (30 days). If the main traffic of tariff option consumed ahead of time, and you have purchased an additional package, for example, August 21, the validity of the acquired additional package will be also September 9.
  • Advantages
    • The ability to use Internet is not restricted, even upon completion of traffic of basic tariff option.
    • The possibility of moving to the tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016» and activation of tariff options via USSD command.
  • Important to know!
        1. The tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016» recommended for use on tablets, modems and routers only.
        2. In order to take advantage of the tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016» you need to:
      • To be in the coverage area of 4G network
      • To have a device that supports the 4G standard (LTE 800 MHz frequency technology, Band20)
      • Make sure your SIM-card is working in 4G network, checking through a USSD-command: star.gif8.gif7.gif1.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif
      • To select the type of 4G network in the device settings.
      3. Use of the main traffic to access to the Internet is available in a 2G/3G/4G networks.
      4. When you connect tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016», to start using the Internet, you need to activate one of the tariff options («Unlimited XS/S/M/L/XL»).
      5. The validity of the tariff option - 30 days after the removal of subscription fee
      6. Upon expiry, the tariff option re activates automatically, if at the time of removal of the subscription fee the balance is sufficient on monthly fee amount and unspent traffic of the package is canceled.
      7. Switching to tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016» via USSD-command is available for following tariff plans: Ajoib mintaqavi, Avvalin* 2016, Ajoib 2016, Salom 2016, Bale 2016, Double Unlimited, Internet 4G 2016, Internet, Fason, Oson and Suhbati bemalol. While switching to tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016» all remains of additional packages minutes, SMS, GPRS traffic shall be canceled.
      8. The cost of changing the tariff plan is 0,61 TJS.
      9. Reverse transfer from the tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016» available in tariff plans of lines Fason, Oson and Double Unlimited tariff plan.
      10. In tariff plan «Unlimited 4G 2016» services «Intihobi man» and «Diyory man 2016» are available. Mb by option are not available for use.
      11. Supervision of the remainder of Internet traffic is available via the web-page balance.tcell.tj, USSD-command: star.gif4.gif5.gif4.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif and also by sending an empty SMS to the number 454.
      12. If a monthly fee for the new month was not paid, the option goes into a lock mode (standby), up to the moment when the balance will be credited to a sufficient amount.
      13. Once main internet traffic is exhausted, SMS notification about it comes.
  • Cost of calls
      Price of 1 minute call*
      Calls in Tcell network
      0,12 TJS
      Calls to other mobile numbers including landline in RT and to tariff plans of lines «Next»
      0,25 TJS
      SMS and ММS-messages
      Outgoing SMS within RT
      0,10 TJS
      Outgoing international SMS
      0,50 TJS
      All outgoing MMS
      0,50 TJS
      *Billing per minute. Each 60 second of incomplete calls are rounded to 60 seconds.All prices inclusive of VAT and excise taxes.

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