Important to know

How to register in Tcell roaming partner’s network?

Upon arrival to another country, it is necessary to switch on your phone and then the selection of the available network of roaming partner on that territory will be done automatically. Smartphone users are advised to disable the auto update of mobile apps via mobile Internet and choose in settings the 2G network type or the dual 2G/3G standard.

If after some time the code and/or name of the roaming partner’s network does not display, the manual network selection in the phone menu should be used. Manual network selection mode should also be used if it is necessary to select a network other than the selected automatically. Perhaps because of the poor coverage of the selected network the phone switches to the network of the roaming partner with a strong signal. As soon as the display shows the network code and/or name of the roaming partner it is possible to make outgoing calls as well as use all other available services in the network. Further, before making each call, it is recommended to make sure that the phone is registered in the selected roaming partner’s network.

When you are in border areas of Tajikistan and with active roaming service the phone may automatically switch to the available network of the roaming partner of neighboring countries. In this case, if subscriber does not wish to use the service then need to switch your mobile phone to Tcell network in manual network mode selection or (depending on phone model) turn off the roaming service in the phone menu.

How to make a call or send SMS in roaming?

To Tcell numbers
+992 50 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, +992 92 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, +992 93 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, +992 70 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, +992 77 ХХХ ХХ ХХ
To fixed telephone numbers of Tajikistan
+992; area code; telephone number
To mobile telephone numbers of Tajikistan +992; network code; telephone number
To fixed telephone numbers of other countries and the country of stay
+ country code; area code; telephone number
To mobile telephone numbers of other operators
+ country code; area code; telephone number

Due to technical reasons some incoming telephone numbers in roaming are not identified or identified incorrectly.

How to use data services (Internet) in roaming?

Before going abroad it is recommended to make sure that in the chosen host country data services (Internet) are available. This information is provided in the tabs respectively Tariffs (for «IAR» and «Easy and Real roaming» services).

Connection to the Internet in roaming may result a significant increase of data costs, and therefore, in particular smartphone users with always active phone function of «Data Roaming» need to be careful as the phone in this mode supports data and goes online for twenty-four-hour without the user's knowledge. To use Internet, the «Data Roaming» function should be on and after use is recommended to manually set the function to off mode. Thus, the balance will be protected from additional costs.

In the absence of data service (Internet) in roaming, it is necessary to configure the «tcell» access point in phone settings / GPRS settings in APN field.