Available countries Incoming calls (min) Outgoing to Tajikistan (min) Outgoing local by host country (min) Outgoing international (min) Outgoing SMS Internet for 1 MB
Zone 1
2.50 TJS 4.00 TJS 3.00 TJS 9.00 TJS 0.50 TJS 0.50 TJS
Zone 2 Russian Federation, Turkey 2.50 TJS 4.50 TJS 3.50 TJS 10.00 TJS 0.70 TJS 1.00 TJS
Zone 3 Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan,
Vietnam, Hong Kong, Georgia, Israel, 
India, Iran,  Kazakhstan, Qatar,  China,
Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Nepal, UAE,
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Kuwait, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia.
3.50 TJS 6.50 TJS 5.00 TJS 15.00 TJS 1.00 TJS 3.00 TJS
Zone 4 Austria, Albania, Belarus, Belgium, UK, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark,
Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia,
Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Finland, France,
Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein.
5.50 TJS 10.00 TJS 8.00 TJS 23.00 TJS 1.50 TJS 5.00 TJS
Zone 5
Australia, Brazil, Ghana, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, USA, Turkmenistan*, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya.
12.00 TJS 18.00 TJS 15.00 TJS 45.00 TJS 2.00 TJS 7.00 TJS
Zone 6
Air and Marine international networks**
90.00 TJS 30.00 TJS 30.00 TJS 40.00 TJS 5.00 TJS 10.00 TJS

Rates are including VAT and excise tax.

*Internet service in roaming is not available in this country.

High-speed 4G / LTE internet in roaming is available in the following countries: Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Afghanistan, India, Albania, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ghana, New Zealand, Latvia, Mexico, Canada, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Denmark, Spain, Ukraine, Nepal, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Japan, Georgia, Qatar, Pakistan, Singapore, Kenya, Indonesia.

**Roaming on airplanes is available in Zone 6.

Instructions for choosing a network of a roaming partner, as well as a list of airlines on whose aircrafts roaming is available, you can get here.

  • Important to know!

    Service "Call home!" valid for calls to Tajikistan to Tcell numbers while in roaming.
    Dialing rules for the Call Home Service! *135*992 subscriber's number#
    Information on reduced tariffs for current promotions in roaming can be obtained in the news section.