"Purple Day"

The packet traffic has ended, but the Internet is needed here and now? Connect the option "Purple Day"!

With the "Purple Day" option, you will receive 1000 MB of traffic for a period of 1 day.

Purple day

Price: 5 TJS

  • Traffic: 1000 MB for 1 day

Connect command: *171*6#

Option name Traffic Price Connection command
Purple day 1000 MB for 1 day 5 TJS

All prices are indicated in somoni including VAT and excise tax.

  • Important to know!
    Purple day:

    1. The package is valid for a day (until 24:00:00 of the current day).
    2. In case of reconnection of the package, the balances of the previous package are summed up, but the validity period of the package is not extended.
    3. Package reconnection is not limited.
    4. At the end of the service period, the package is automatically disabled.
    5. At the end of the package, billing for each MB will be charged according to the tariff plan.
    6. Available tariff plans: Avvalin * 2016, Darkor Line, Darkor 'Line, Allo Line, Winner Line, Salomati Line, Suhbati Bemalol Line, Imtiyoz Line, Style Line, Suhbati Shahri Line, Next 2.0, Next Nav', Next Nav, Next 2016, Internet tariff plan.