Refill of balance

Refilling the balance in Russia!

Dear Tcell Subscriber!

Now, while in Russia, you can easily refill the balance of your personal account and of any other Tcell subscriber’s account using:

1. Any of the QIWI terminals.
There are more than 120 000 QIWI terminals throughout Russia. It is possible to see addresses of those terminals at the following link:
Refilling the balance of personal account is made in Russian rubles according to exchange rates of QIWI Bank (Russia). The exchange rate will be displayed on the screen of QIWI terminal during the payment process.
Detailed instructions on balance refilling are at the following link:

2. Through a mobile phone account and online payment with PayFon24.
To make a payment, go to and fill out the payment form. Enter the mobile phone number of the customer you want to top up the balance of, the mobile phone number from which you are going to make payment, and the amount of payment.
A commission is charged for making a payment which will be displayed at the bottom of the form. Click the button "Pay".
Then wait for an SMS verification message with a request to confirm the operation. Then confirm the payment.

3. Now the Russian subscribers of «MTS», «Megafon», «Beeline» and «Tele2» can simply and easily in one click top up the balance of their relatives or friends – subscribers of Tcell Tajikistan.
Customers of «MTS», «Megafon», «Beeline» or «Tele2» can transfer up to 15 000 rubles from the account of their number at any time of the day, regardless of their location. To do this, just go to the web page of the «MOBI.Dengi» payment or send an SMS with the recharge amount indicated in rubles to the short number 3116.

In order to pay for Tcell mobile services the «MTS», «Megafon», «Beeline» or «Tele2» subscriber can top up the balance via SMS from his mobile phone:

a. Send SMS to short number 3116 with text (example):

where: XXXXXXX - is number the balance of which you would like to top up;
100 is the amount in rubles. The amount of the transfer is indicated in rubles up to 15000 rubles, as a whole number without spaces, points or commas.

b. Receive an SMS message from the Operator with information on the amount to be charged in rubles and a request to confirm consent to payment.

c. Send a reply SMS-message confirming the payment.

d. Receive a response SMS message indicating paid service and the amount charged.

Terms of  «МТS» services
Terms of  «Megafon» services
Terms of  «Beeline» services
Terms of  «Tele2» services

The funds are transferred to the main account of Tcell. Currency conversion is made at the rate of the Central Bank of Russian Federation at the time of transfer. When conversion is applied then 3.5% from the transferring amount will be charged. When transferring funds from mobile numbers of «MTS», «Megafon», «Beeline» or «Tele2» to the mobile number of Tcell Tajikistan the commission will be charged in the following order:

МТS – 3%
Megafon – 6%
Beeline – 6% 
Tele2 – 7%

The commission will be charged additionally from the number, for example: If you top up balance of Tcell subscriber from «Megafon» number for the amount of 100 rubles then in confirmation SMS will be requested to withdraw 106 rubles.

4. Top up balance of Tcell subscribers is possible in all Svyaznoy shops. Payment is accepted by cashier of the shop at cash desk, the service fee is 0.5% from payment amount.


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