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My New Number

«My new number» Service – allows staying in touch when you change your phone number and be aware of calls coming to the old number.

The service is free; works when changing from old numbers of mobile operators for a new Tcell number. 

Instructions for use: 
1. It is necessary to insert a new SIM-card into the phone and dial a USSD-request: *456* old number # (call), where «old_number» - it is a former number of the subscriber in the “network code” and “phone number” format (for example, 93 ХХХ ХХХХ)
SMS-message will be sent to the old subscriber number. It will contain the instructions for further actions, and also the confirmation PIN-code for the new number is specified. To activate the service “My new number” on the number 93, 92, 77, 50 ХХХ ХХХХ, it is necessary to type a command: **21*934566666# (call) from this number, and also enter the 5-digit PIN-code confirmation. To activate the service you need to insert a new SIM-card and dial the command: *456* PIN-code # (call) from a new Tcell number.

2. It is necessary to insert an old SIM-card into the phone, which must remain active for the period determined by the subscriber and type the command: **21*934566666# (call) to enable forwarding of all calls from the old number to the service number 934566666.

3. It is necessary to insert a new SIM-card into the phone and type a USSD-request: *456* PIN-code # (call), where «PIN-code» – it is a 5-digit number sent to the subscriber to the old number via SMS-message.
After successful sending of the secret PIN-code, the subscriber can use the new number.
When connecting “My new number” service, SMS-messages will be sent to the new number of the subscriber regarding all calls and SMS-notifications to all callers to the old number with indication of a new number will be carried out by default.


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