Refill of balance


The given service allows subscribers to transfer funds from his/her account to the account of another Tcell subscriber via SMS-message to short number [202].

The cost of each outgoing SMS-message – 0,0612 TJS.
It is impossible to transfer the money again to the same subscriber within 30 minutes.
Service is not available for Internet tariff plans, Next 2016, Hamkor and Businessman.
Transfer amount can be from 1 to 500 TJS.
It is impossible to transfer an amount less than 1 TJS.
You cannot specify the amount of the transfer, after the implementation of which, the balance in the account is less than 5 TJS.

Instructions for use

Password registration:

To activate the service «SMS-money», originally the user must register his/her password in the billing system by sending a message to the short number 202 in the following format 0*PIN code 2*password.

«PIN code 2» – a PIN code 2 of SIM-card of the subscriber that sends a message (the original one stored in the system);

«Password» – a single user password (preferably numbers, a maximum of 20 digits) for the service «SMS-money»;

Repeated registration of the password is not allowed.

Money transaction:
After password registration, the subscriber can use this service by sending a message in the format 1*password*phone number*amount.

«Phone number» – telephone number of subscriber. For example: 9929XXXXXXXX and 9XXXXXXXX), to whom the funds are transferred from the account of the subscriber who sent the message;
«Amount» – the amount of funds being transferred in TJS.

If transfer of funds is successful, the subscriber who sent the message and the subscriber to whom the funds are transferred receive an SMS-message about this transaction.
At the same time, the subscriber that receives an SMS-money:
- gets a positive payment in TJS on behalf of the user
- in the “information” field, data about the “sender” phone number is reflected

Change of password:

For safety reasons, it is recommended to subscribers to change the password, using the format: 2*old password*new password by sending a message to the number 202.
«old password», «new password» – to change the password, the user must know the old password and enter a new one.

It is recommended not to give the phone into wrong hands and delete messages sent to the number 202.

Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.


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