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Mobile wallet “TezSum”

Tcell has announced the launch of its own application "TezSum" for fast cashless payments and transfer of funds.

TezSum - technological solution by Tcell, licensed by the First Microfinance Bank

Tcell's mobile app “TezSum” solves the problem of finding nearby terminals and saves you time when paying for various services. Using the application, everyone can pay utility bills, home Internet and television, traffic police fines, bank loans and much more!

In addition, you can add your bank card of the national payment system "Corti Milli" to the application and make payments directly from the card account. In addition, using the application, you can easily transfer money from one bank card to another.

“When we created the TezSum application, first of all we thought about the comfort and convenience of users. The whole world went into the digital era, the classic “paper” business is no longer successful, speed, efficiency and ease in any business come out of priority for everyone: be it communication with family and friends, workflows, or payment of any bills. Tcell leads many projects aimed at the transition to the digital sphere. It is important for us that our subscribers in Tajikistan can use all the technology development world standards,” says Tcell General Director Ozodkhon Davlatshoev.

Download “TezSum” app from the App Store or Google Play. To work with application, you only need an internet connection. Mobile phone number is used for registration in the application.

You can replenish the wallet in the application in two ways:

1. If you are a Tcell subscriber, your mobile balance is directly linked to the “TezSum” wallet. You can easily transfer money from your mobile balance to your wallet balance.
2. You can replenish the wallet with any bank card of the national payment system “Corti Milli”.

You can pay bills at any time of the day through the application “TezSum”. The application is convenient, simple, and most importantly, safe to use. “TezSum” securely protected by a personal password, which is known only to the user, as well as a fingerprint.

In addition to the payment function, users can also access analytics for completed transactions, with which it is even easier to control and forecast their costs!

With Tcell's TezSum app, you no longer have to spend time and effort on paying bills!

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TezSum Mobile application software was developed and created by European company Wallet Factory. Wallet Factory is a Mobile Financial Services Enabler (MFSE) and acting as a mediator between Telecom operators and financial institutions (banks, payment service providers, insurance companies). Wallet Factory provides planning, implementation and management of mobile financial services.

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