CJSC “Indigo Tajikistan” (hereinafter the Company) carries out procurement of equipment / materials / services in accordance with the characteristics of the attached files below, hereinafter the “specification”. Your company can submit the Commercial offer by filling in the attached form of the commercial offer relating to the specification of interest to you with the best and fixed prices. The prices shall be valid and invariable within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of provision of the commercial offer. The commercial offer, and also the additional information according to the specification shall be (if necessary) sent to the below-specified address. The company reserves the right not to consider the offers received after the specified term, or completed incorrectly, or containing incomplete information.

SpellCheck_TS_Icon_48px.pngConfidentiality agreement
  • Important! Additional terms:
    1. Giving and receiving offers does not entail any obligations on the part of the Company;
    2. The Company is not responsible for any expenses incurred by suppliers in the preparation and submission of the offers or when making any other actions in relation to the offer;
    3. The company also is not obliged to enter into negotiations with any third party for the purpose of the best interests of the parties and the preparation of the commercial offer;
    4. The final order of the Company by the number (composition) and the subject of the goods / services may change and differ from the initially requested volume. At the same time, the company is not obliged to notify the receipt of the commercial offer, has the right to change the intention about purchase, having cancelled or having changed any specification at any time, without the additional notice posted on the website, or sent on the e-mail address of the companies which already sent the commercial offer;
    5. The Company reserves the right not to consider commercial offers received after the specified term and that are not composed in accordance with the attached form;
    6. If the services / materials are subject to licensing or obligatory certification in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, it is mandatory to provide a copy of the licenses and certificates together with the commercial offer;
    7. The Company reserves the right not to respond to any requests related to the specifications;
    8. The Company reserves the right not to notify on the receipt of the commercial offer, but the company which provided the best commercial offer will be notified;
    9. This information is not a public offer and does not entail any obligation on the part of the Company.


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