Yandex Plus

Movies, music and books in one subscription. Watch movies, listen to tracks and read the books with the new service.

Yandex Plus - is free access to a library of music hits, a catalog of films and TV series, as well as numerous books. Users can enjoy music from their favorite artists, watch popular movies and read books whenever they want, all in high quality and without ads.

  1. The service Yandex Plus is available for activation through the “My Tcell” app.
  2. Monthly subscription is 10 somoni for 30 days. The subscription fee is charged automatically after 30 days.
  3. The first 30 days - the Yandex Plus service is free. Subsequently, the subscription fee is charged according to the cost of the service. After reconnecting the service, for those who previously subscribed to the Yandex Plus service, the free period does not apply, that is, the subscription fee is debited immediately after connecting the service.
  4. As part of the Yandex Plus service, when using all Yandex Plus resources, Internet traffic is consumed from the main Internet package in the tariff (according to the terms of the subscriber’s tariff plan).
  5. After activating your subscription to the Yandex Plus service, you must go through authorization through your Yandex account.
  6. Login to the Yandex Plus service is made using the phone number that you previously subscribed.
  7. Yandex Music -
  8. Kinopoisk -
  9. Bookmate -
  10. By connecting to the service, the subscriber agrees to the collection, processing, storage and transfer of personal data.