Subscriber Services

Call Waiting/Call Hold

By using «Call Waiting» function, you may not be afraid to miss an important call; your device will let you know about the second call during conversation by the series of short tones.

«Call Hold» function allows putting first caller on hold and switch to second caller, or lets you make another calls without interrupting the first call.

It is required to use menu of the mobile phone or dial USSD-command *43# to activate (deactivate) the service
Sequence of connection with two subscribers:
During conversation with the first Subscriber, you hear a tone that notifies you that second caller is trying to reach you.
To switch conversation to the second subscriber, it is required to press dedicated button depending on the device’s model (see instructions manual of your mobile phone).

You can have only one call on hold and one active conversation simultaneously. In order to respond the third call you will have to terminate one of the previous conversations.


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