Tariff plan «Next 2016»

Cost per 1 minute of call*
Outgoing calls within tariff plans of lines «Next»
0,020 TJS
Outgoing calls to «Tcell» network
0,075 TJS
Outgoing calls to other mobile providers and landlines within Republic of Tajikistan 0,350 TJS
SMS** and MMS-messages
Outgoing SMS within Republic of Tajikistan
0,050 TJS
Outgoing international SMS 
0,500 TJS
All outgoing MMS
0,150 TJS
GPRS (upload and download)
Up to 1Mb (rounding up to 10Kb)
0,560 TJS
After 1Mb (rounding up to 10Kb)
0,090 TJS
* Per-second billing with intervals of 15 seconds. Each incomplete interval of 15 seconds of connection will be rounded up to 15 seconds.
** Except for the numbers of content providers.

Prices are valid from 30.03.2016
Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.

  • Advantages
        1. The minimum price for internet traffic.
        2. A separate balance for additional services.
        3. International calls at low prices:
        Destination Country code Price
        Russia +7  1,20 TJS
        USA/Canada, China +1, +86  0,346 TJS
        Other countries 1,10 TJS
        Prices do not apply to satellite communications.

        4. Ability to connect additional services:
        «Unlimited within Next 2016» 
        USSD-command for activation
        3,80 TJS
        USSD-command for deactivation 0 TJS

  • Important to know!
    • In the proposed rate 2 balance provided:
                1. Principal balance - for voice calls.
                2. Additional balance - for additional services.
    • When you recharge the funds are divided into two parts: 70% of the principal balance and 30% additional balance.
    • If the amount of the additional balance is zero, then use the amount of money to the principal balance.
    • When you reach zero balance of the main account, the subscriber voice service will not be available.
    • Services «Mobile Transfer» and «Temporary payment» in the tariff plan «Next 2016» is not available.
    • The validity of the option «Unlimited within Next 2016» - 30 days from the date of connection.

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