Tariff plan “Chi Gap 30“

Call Direction Cost
Monthly fee 30 TJS
A package of minutes for RT
100 minutes
Outgoing calls within the Chi Gap application
Outgoing calls to other operators and landlines within RT
0.20 TJS
SMS package within the RT 100 SMS
Outgoing SMS within RТ 0.10 TJS
Outgoing international SMS/MMS 0.50 TJS
Outgoing SMS from the "Chi Gap" application in the RT 0.50 TJS
GPRS (rounding 100Kb)

Internet traffic package
50 MB
USSD commands
Command to switch to the tariff plan
Command to check the balances
Command for reconnecting packages according to the tariff

  • Rates are including VAT and excise tax.
  • Validity period is 30 days.
  • The cost of 1 MB of Internet traffic, in addition to the package at the tariff - 0,10 TJS.
  • The cost of switching to the tariff plan - 0,50 TJS.
  • Additional conditions

    1. Unlimited calls within the network are valid only in case of an outgoing call from the Chi Gap application to Tcell numbers.
    2. For outgoing calls within the network and to other mobile operators within the Republic of Tatarstan, the package of minutes to other mobile operators will be used first.
    3. Calls within the network via the "Chi-Gap" application and by means of a physical SIM card will be consumed from the package of minutes, and at the end of the minutes package the billing will take place according to the terms of the TP.
    4. The minutes package can be used inside the RT and outside it.
    5. The internet package can be used only inside the RT.
    6. The cost of a forwarding call is set according to the tariffication for the indicated direction.
    7. The cost of calls to international directions is according to the approved tariffication for all existing tariff plans.
    8. All the costs are including VAT and excise tax.
    9. Checking the remaining minutes and MB is also available by the USSD command *377 # according to the general rules in force.
    10. Unused balance of Internet traffic at the tariff is not accumulated/summed up.
    11. Unused number of minutes at the tariff is not accumulated/summed up.
    12. Switch back from the new tariff plan to archive tariffs is not possible.
    13. Activation of LTE service is available by the current USSD command. USSD: *871*1# and to deactivate *871*0#. To check the availability of LTE *871#.
    14. When the tariff plan is reconnected, the Internet package balance, including the activated additional package, is summed up with the new package and extended according to the validity period of the new package.
    15. If the subscription fee is not paid according to the tariff plan, outgoing calls, SMS, MMS and Internet are blocked and only incoming calls remain active.
    16. When changing the tariff plan from the current tariffs (for example, Darkor, Allo) to the "Chi - Gap" tariff plan, in the case of remaining packages (minutes, sms, and MB), only the remaining MB packages are transferred.
    17. If the tariff changes from the "Chi - Gap 30" tariff plan to the current tariff plans (e.g. Darkor, Allo) the remaining minutes will not be transferred / burn out.
    18. When the tariff is changed from "Chi - Gap" to other existing tariffs, the rest of the MB packages are transferred.
    19. Available internet options: Option G, Option G+, Eco packages, Unlimited Smartphone and Unlimited Smartphone Lite.