The line of tariffs “Salomati”

Salomati tariffs - taking care of your safety from Tcell and BIMA Insurance!

Salomati 40

Monthly fee: 40 TJS

  • Sum insured*: 500 TJS
  • Internet traffic package: 1500 MB
  • A package of minutes for RT: 100 min
  • SMS package for RT: 100 SMS

USSD command for activation: *588*1#

Connect Connect

Salomati 105

Monthly fee: 105 смн

  • Sum insured*: 500 TJS
  • Internet traffic package: 8000 MB
  • A package of minutes for RT: 300 min
  • SMS package for RT: 200 SMS

USSD command for activation: *588*2#

Connect Connect

* Insurance payment is made in cash or by transfer to the bank account of the Insured / Beneficiary by the insurance company BIMA Insurance.

  • Outgoing calls within the network - 0.10 TJS
  • Outgoing calls to other mobile operators and fixed numbers within RT - 0.20 TJS
  • Outgoing SMS within RT - 0.10 TJS
  • Outgoing international SMS and MMS to all directions - 0.50 TJS
  • 1Mb (rounding 100 KB) - 0.10 TJS

At the end of the package of minutes in RT, you can purchase additional packages for more beneficial communication with family!

Additional packages Price USSD command for activation
50 minutes 7 TJS
100 minutes 12 TJS
150 minutes 18 TJS
200 minutes 24 TJS
300 minutes 29 TJS
  • Important to know!

    1. Prices are presented including VAT and excise tax.
    2. Tariffication - per minute, every incomplete 60 seconds of a conversation is rounded up to 60 seconds.
    3. The cost of a call during forwarding is established according to the tariffication of the tariff for the indicated direction.
    4. The cost of calls to international directions according to the approved tariffication for all existing tariff plans.
    5. The cost of 1 minute of a call in the direction "Call at the expense of a friend" is 0.10 somoni. Existing discounts and minute packages are not taken into account when making a call using the "Call at a friend's expense" service. Call charges are deducted from the balance.
    6. The cost of switching to tariff plans of the Salomati line from archive tariff plans is free, the transition is possible unilaterally. The cost of switching from the existing tariff plans is free, subject to the transition to tariff plans of the Salomtai line.
    7. The transition from the line of tariff plans "Salomati" to archived tariffs is not possible.
    8. In case of non-payment of the subscription fee according to the tariff plan, outgoing calls, Internet, SMS and MMS are blocked, incoming calls and SMS remain active.
    9. When switching between tariff plans of the "Salomati" line, the remaining minutes, Internet traffic and SMS are saved and transferred, subject to the transition from tariff to tariff with a tariff equal or larger in size, and the validity period of the packages is extended according to the validity period of the new package.
    10. Unused internet package is accumulated within 3 months (90 days). If the subscription fee for the tariff is not paid within 3 days, the accumulated megabytes are canceled. After 90 days, the unused traffic of the first month is canceled. Unused balance of SMS and minutes in the line of "Salomati" tariffs are not summed up and do not transfer to the next month.
    11. When you reconnect the tariff plan, the rest of the package of minutes, Internet and SMS, including activated additional packages, is added to the new package and extended according to the validity period of the new package.
    12. Additional package of minutes is limited by the validity period of the subscription fee for the tariff.
    13. Options "G", "Night Unlimited", "Option messengers", "Option Social networks", "Option YouTube" are available

  • Provision of insurance assistance

    1. The subscriber has access to the BIMA 5511 Call Center.
    2. The insurance period is set for 1 calendar month in the amount of 500, according to the TP;
    3. If the subscriber has not paid for the AP, insurance is not provided;
    4. Regardless of the injury, the entire insurance amount is paid;
    5. In the event of an accident, BIMA must be notified within 60 days;
    6. The territory of insurance is the whole world except for the zones of military conflicts;
    7. When switching to TP Salomati, the subscriber receives an SMS notification about insurance information and contact information.;
    8. If the subscriber is insured in case of death of the subscriber, relatives can receive a payment in the amount of TP insurance;

  • Not covered by insurance!

    1. As a result of deliberate actions to obtain an insurance package;
    2. As a result of suicide or attempted suicide;
    3. During the war, armed clashes;
    4. As a result of alcohol poisoning, as well as in the case of poisoning as a result of his consumption of narcotic, medicinal and / or psychotropic substances without a doctor's prescription;
    5. As a result of actions committed while intoxicated;
    6. As a result of engaging in any kind of sports: auto, motor sports, any kind of equestrian sports, air sports, mountaineering, martial arts, shooting;
    7. When driving any vehicle without the right to drive or in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
    8. Due to reasons directly or indirectly caused by the Insured's mental illness, paralysis, epileptic seizures;
    9. As a result of pregnancy, childbirth and / or their complications.